Welcome to Omni's Age of Omni's Parks 1.Sam Smyth & Abby Stone & Isabel Welderu omnithrillogy Let's reverse this to the beginning of the storyThis is the story of Sam Smyth, the student-cum-Uber-driver-cum-billionaire-cum-fugutive. it all started with one Uber ride! CBradio App / dark web of text / carTalk it all started with one idea. if your magic powerful enough to wire this. if your magick is adept enough to read this, then keep reading. it all started with one breath, one deep breath at a stoplight. the girl in the Keep driving next to me made it happen. abbey road rage story 4sbs it all started with twone song sporemedy seo-futuristic metatronic rap aka good shits SPORRAN - scottish pouch with pockets Writing Sam Smyth's dark web of text CherryTag / CarTalk / CBRadio / pointalk intersectalk interactag - coordinapp laplayapp Personally I think that the most meaningful moments of life occur by the process of artistic creativity, or by the appreciation of artistic beauty, so that's what I tend to spend my time doing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. Permaculture Pete - omni-organic Off spray AntiSpray Omni Spo Garden = Reality is what we achieve. SpoGarden This initial meta-plan document answers the fundamental questions of our world-uplifting tale of business: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, & HOW? solar mushrooms / refillable co-re-portable party stations / IV beverage dispensers WHY ISN'T THERE 24 hour parks for humans in every holistic healing centers homeless healing centers metadoctor = alchemist here's an invention for investment meditations balloons with aromatherapy / with holes to let in fresh air Spo-Ventions - bio-advertising / biomarketing aquamerixa hydrosolair aquasolair hydrosolairseastems / aquacadabra omniSTENT/omnispodome/omnispome/omnistone/omnistool/OmniSpole - has hygro-sol-air powered battery bank/flywheel/compressed air/pumped water/fuelcells/fossilfuel gensets/ -first free public charging station -first free public hygro-sol-air powered water fountain garden wet air weather air well hygrowell hygrosea Atmospheric solair mushroom h20asis and omnispotree mycotree seedomes HEARTREE WEATHERSTONES weather/hearth aka strawberry tree Maintain laser-like attentional clamp upon OmniSpo Business Chain.  Concentrate all willpower upon Positively Processing the OmniSpo-Prospectus. Through benevolution...  OmniSpoMest Inc. creates unlimited value/wealth/goodness/virtue/joy/productivity.  Unifying Dueling Duos into OmniTriBiMonity = OmniTriBiMonicaDuality Covering the five alchemical elements 1. power the world with electric fire 2. rescue billions of lives with wet air 3. generate unlimited wealth with water falls 4. protect all OmniSpomeStones with 5. connect 8+ billion meta-self(s) through OmniSpo's spiritual quintessence  OmniSpomeStoneStubeSquidomes shall do it all. From now on, to every appropriate entity, i will pitch our solar-themed organicafe business concept to everyone I meet, starting with my Doctor! Simply We start in the seed stage. We have ambitions to be an inspiration to children to happily eat healthy foods that help you live a long time. This company started for the good of our grandchildren's children. We aim to use the power of solar/social capitalism. Naive enough to believe a single idea- Medical business. Restore health to ecosystems with purification and biodiversity. We are more than just a business. We are an inclusive tribe, a loving global family. We formed this business to give hope to the youth- that there is a . We belief we will demonstrate the success of a open source permaculture business plan. Show the profit-potential of double and triple bottom line businesses. We aim to Show the eco-social and financial benefits of permaculture & polyculture. We have created a open-ended multi-functional futuristic business model / business plan / value system that is easily replicable anywhere on Earth. Imagining a sustainable spo-rehabilitation center / permaculture animal sanctuary • ==> Spo-Med facilitates the creation of healthy habits in a healthy environment • Each Spo-Medical center is maintained amidst botanical gardens / horticultural / agricultural food forest farms • - focused healing activities exercise therapy / sportherapy and eco-therapy and breath work and • - technical therapies teach spo-residents the practical skills of your choosing • - such as organic gardening or animal husbandry or creative writing • - aesthetic therapies restore contentment through artistic performance, exploration, development, experimentation • Themes: solar powered, eco-bio-solar themed & living architecture, green walls/ceilings/floors, • vertical farming, aeroponics espontaneamente sacred economics --> charles einstein vertical farming AND aquaculture employed in seawater and sustainable organic greenhouses / permaculture focus on planting design strategies that maximize profit^3 and minimize antiprofits / costs^3. --> garden of eden / reverence orchard The three types of profit pi = Financial Profit / Economic Benefit / Corporate Value phi = Ecology Profit / Environmental Benefit / Globa.Local Gain/Good psi = Social Profit ----> NeuroSocioPsychology of human society - How shall we all get along and make Earth amazing for all inhabitants? I decided yesterday finally on my life's purpose- i have dedicated my life to improving the relationship between and within humanity and All Life (especially the one legged kingdom of plants). My life' purpose is to re-green the earth in partnership with ultra-smart eco-geo-systems (bio-sol-air-sea-stems) of artificialchemicalintelligence. I am now and forever an OmniMonic servant of the universe's eternal Now-Show of Love-Space. Isn't hygrosponics awesome?! SpoMe-Domes LLC 
Transformative Technologies for Food Production On Tropical-ish Islands:
-Ecosystem approach to agriculture (closed loop, zero-waste, biodynamic, organic polyculture)
-Insect Farming
-Underground greenhouses (such as walpinis for year round farming in temperate climes)
-Edible Forest Garden of Heirlooms
-Permaculture Orchard of E10
-Solar Powered Desalination & Dehumidification (Atmospheric Water Generation) Recently, my favorite spodea is omnistarts / omnisparks sproutspouts - the most beneficial government program Giving to every household a tray table of spark start sprouts of every vegetable, fruit, nut, oil, seed, fuel, aesthetic, fiber crop every single beneficial/valuable/beautiful/cultivated/purposeful plant known to man given away in two pairs of four ( / -the starts come in trays with pairs of highest quality healthy rooted cuttings in transplantable planters - either biodegradable polypeat pots or smart pot containers welcome to Omni's Age of Omni's Parks The world is simply ready for the OmniSpark of the covenant OmniSpoRevolving One it’s time now to realize that the ultimate spark of life is a Unified Field of love and soul consciousness, whose principle property is the urge to unite, which permeates the universe and also exists deepest within ourselves: Allen L Roland OmniSparks of Themples omnistalks Hey its Omni's PO omnisold omniscar! curating omniscroll \ omnistoned 3. Sunflower Joe Sunflower mushrooms solar shrooms spo-shrooms WindomeSeaLightubes divinergy and Papa sol Gaia sky song and dance of sound and colour's womance the future aint what it used to be 4. Auto-bar omnitrous skol slainte lchaim cheers salud uppah proost kanpai viralchemy bucky fuller eminem newton here with go on the flow thats how we do it in the studio mojo rising not surprising surmising mojo rising in the dojo better learn it quickly before it comes up behind up your kids like the irish mob we don't fuck with bull shit because its a new world you fuck with us you fuck with the whole crew la familia really don't matter what sort of black magic we employ because i have the niggers paid off and the pddys- the four leaf clovers work for respect they won't take our cash addresses, phone numbers and Names rhyme perfect delivery flawless AI singularity 0 soft take off , hard take off, tesseract what personal conversations were like before we all plugged into the hive. omnibus CBradio Cartalk intersectangi CarTango omniscan moniscar interactango A to mega alpha mega 513 327 7643 ars ohio 5. SpoVentions Spo-Ventions - bio-advertising / biomarketing aquamerixa hydrosolair aquasolair hydrosolairseastems / aquacadabra if i pay for youtube red why can't i play on two devices? omnisense omnisage omnisword thats the way it goes omnidao omnisporemedy Osijhldskjvoiwejfliwj This initial meta-plan document answers the fundamental questions of our world-uplifting tale of business: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, & HOW? Sponics Sun Room omnitroxygen8d ORACLE OASIS SCEPTRE GENIE MONEY TRANSPORT COMMUNICATION wALLET KEYS PHONE She is the omniSprinter through the OmniSnow of the omniSelf's OmniShow. so take the OmniScar and OmniStart to Write the OmniStale OmniMoniSpending OmniMonic OmniSim algorhythmichemistry sposana alchemaitress anna molly The perception of what is small is (the secret of clear-sightedness);the guarding of what is soft and tender is (the secret of) strength. the 2 Main Drivers of ‪#Success‬ 1. A clear ‪#Vision‬ of your future. You need to be able to see and feel every detail of your dream. 2. A relentless, untiring work ethic to back it up. If people don't know you for your ‪#Hustle‬, you're not working hard enough. Let us journey together, into the Future, to tell a heart-warming short story, about the two billionth person born in the country of Omni-Merica, formerly known as the United States. Once upon a time, in 2084, a green-eyed girl named Belle was born. Belle glowed as the doctor delivered her into the arms of her smiling parents, Isabella and Sam Smyth. On the Day that she received her Birth Certificate, she received five Social Security turbines on the Aero-Dome, as her Omni-Merican birthright. What is an Aero-Dome? To answer that question requires a short trip down memory lane. After the success of his grandfather’s HyperLoop project, Elon Tusk III partnered with incumbent president Arabella Trump to develop a mega-structure that would provide clean and renewable energy for generations to come. Constructed in the remote desert by smart swarms of builder aero-bots, Aero-Dome is a marvel of modern engineering, providing energy for the whole continent. Made of carbon fiber sourced from hemp bio-polymers, the Aero-Dome stretches five miles high, tapping the constant 100+ mph Jet Stream winds. After the aero-bots completed the foundation of the Aero-Dome, the engineers of the Omni-Merican Assembly realized the potential of the massive amount of electrical energy produced by its ten billion helical wind turbines harvesting the jet stream (50 Petawatts). This energy not only powers the electrical grid, including all of the Moni-Cars and Omni-Pods on the Transport System, but also generated plenty of surplus energy to harvest water from the atmosphere and to grow crops aero-hydro-ponically, in agro-chambers miles above the desert sand. What a boon for the Solar System’s economy the Aero-Dome has been! Welcome to Omni’s Age, Indeed! Omni-telligent Agents (previously known as A.I. Artificial Intelligence) direct all of the functioning of the Aero-Dome, including construction, maintenance, repair and expansion. The Water generated by the Aero-Dome high in the sky, was channeled down toward the ground, through hydro-generators. The foods grown in the air are carried by Aero-bots to Holistic Healing Centers for delivery to Omni-Merican Citizen Homes. As we already discovered, the aero-bots installed five additional Social Security Turbines on the AeroDome, for Belle, on the day of her birth. Each of Belle's helical turbine runs 24/7/365, generating 25 Megawatts of Energy that is Belle's birthright, as an Omni-Merican citizen. Each citizen of Omni-Merica chooses from their personal Omni-Phone how to allocate the energy generated by their Social Security turbines. Until she is old enough to work her OmniPhone, Sam and Isabella determine how to use her 25 Megawatts of clean wind energy from the five new Belle’s Social Security Because she was officially the two billionth Omnimerican born, President Trump and Mr. Tusk insisted on a press conference with Belle’s parents, Sam and Isabella Smyth. And here is where Omni’s Tale truly Starts… @omnispo The Year is 2042, The Place is OmniMerica Tw-Once upon a time, in the perfect present, allow me to introduce you to Monica, the Flower Fairy and her soulmate Sunflower Sam. They are just ordinary people like you and me, human beings alive in the magic of the Universal Source Energy. They specialize in paradise engineering. Omni’sIPaintalk astralgorhytmic “To find the Beloved, you must become the Beloved.” — Rumi omnisage Re-Inventing Shakespear-esque-ish writing persona / Pseudonym / nom de plume / pen name / alter ego Spokespear Stakespear Steak Spear Sposhear Spokeshear Spakeshear shakespore Shakestear Spokestear SpoStare Look beyond the Omni-Thrillogy for bathroom reading. Do not read this book if you hate the depths of meaning. This three book series is guaranteed to blow your mind with the astoundingly simple yet profound visualization of our future transport system- the OmniGrid. See, humans have built on Earth the neural system of Internet. Now as the Industrial Age ends and the OmniFormation Age begins, the concrescence of Earth's virtual Internet-Brain and the global economy of humanity fuels infinite experiential bliss amidst self-optimizing and self-reliant techno-systems. These silent and invisible techno-systems of the OmniGrid integrate flawlessly with the natural environment, allowing global ecosystems to thrive once more. The OmniGrid eliminates intersections, accidents, collisions, traffic jams, stop signs, and red lights. All transport will have the green light at all time. The right quality and quantity of People's InfoMassErgy appears at the right time and space. Unifying Dueling Duos into OmniTriBiMonity = OmniTriBiMonicaDuality Covering the five alchemical elements 1. power the world with electric fire 2. rescue billions of lives with wet air 3. generate unlimited wealth with water falls 4. protect all OmniSpomeStones with 5. connect 8+ billion meta-self(s) through OmniSpo's spiritual quintessence  OmniSpomeStoneStubeSquidomes shall do it all. As such, Teilhard's RADIAL energy is one in the same with the Unified Field~ which saturates the universe in its all pervading glory. “What name should we give, always in relation to our system, to this physico-moral energy of personalization to which all activities displayed by the stuff of the universe are finally reduced? The heavens, the earth and I are of the same root. The ten thousand things and I are of the same substance. -Zen Master Sojo Enterprise should Take an omnichannel approach to CBDomes and THCanvas The omniluminati Jewish mystics speak of divine sparks hidden within all things. Every blade of grass has its own special angel watching over it and whispering, 'grow...grow' - Talmud “riding on a lion with a seven-headed dragon in his jaws.” Geocybernetics aims to study and control the complex co- evolution of ecosphere and anthroposphere SpoTagame is a game you play with your omnisporemote inside our buildings - spo's parkspots and parkspaces Outside spo's parkspots you play phonetag lightag silentag SpoTag Aim with your web connected smartphone or thru ur computers internet Internet is a spometamind omnispomindseed metabrain metaseabrain omnispometaomniseabraineural spometag bioweb visible light communication through smartphone camera's photodiode arrays & LED flashlights acoustic communication through microphone speaker The heavens, the earth and I are of the same root. The ten thousand things and I are of the same substance. -Zen Master Sojo For now I am focusing on the following four Fs for the mobile application of Spo-Talk: 1. Finalizing Functional requirements document for the Spo-Talk Application 2. Fleshing out the Application's Function screens 3. Figuring out the right Angel for financing 4. Finding Motivated Coders qualified to write the native Apple & Android applications in Objective C and/or JavaScript the spo-talk peripheral device aka spo-dongle (as well as the complementary Spo-Talk application) both are designed to facilitate the secure connection, interaction, communication allowing virtual avatars to communicate if both users opt-in directly with surrounding smart devices automatically, simultaneously, seamlessly (& silently + secretly) interact with hundreds of smartphones (both in parallel as well as serially) within an hundred meter radius.  Using SpoTalk application without the complementary peripheral Spo-Dongle, the user's range is of course limited to the radio chipsets built into the SoC in the user's smartphone / tablet / netbook / phablet / etc. The app facilitates new connections with users' nearby smart mobile devices that are continuously surrounding us in the urban environment "impromptu / spontaneous / serendipitous / impulsive neo-connections / crypto-connections" Peer to Peer, ad hoc, hive, mesh, Device to Device, sub-network / under-net (basically the range of typical smartphone Wifi & bluetooth radios included in standard mobile chipsets)    -->Future R&D topic is including Free Space Optics & Ultrasonic Chipsets in the later versions of Spo-Dongle although it plays nice with Wifi hotspots, Cellular networks, and the cloud, this app works without a wifi network, and without cellular networks, and does not require the cloud to function, -->this is one of the main ways in which the proposed application is disruptive to current Some marketing taglines with which I am toying (any suggestions/criticisms?): Our app has the potential to transform an unknown passerby, into your best friend, soul-mate, life-partner, or just companion.. Tell your grandkids that Spo-Talk is the reason they came to exist... ;) or else Grandpa would have walked right past Grammy and never had fallen in love... UNLEASH your smartphone" with the 'spo-talk adapter"!! with the Spo-Talk Dongle / SmartphoneTag Peripheral Adapter…     "turn your smartphone into a magic wand, cast the right spell     turn your tablet into a genie's lamp, rub it the right way     turn your laptop into an oracle, ask it the right question?" serendipitously connect secretly and silently select strangers in your everyday life for communication... Imagine & Implement endless possibilities with unlimited potential for development! connect everything everyone everywhere anything anywhere anytime all good only great over deliver ultra deliver overspending connect all social media networks, connect all devices, connect strangers into new friends spo-NETAG: chart out block diagram of all the key actions programs capabilities processes products services codes secrets needed a phonetic once today for my ecig - would have keptabs on it, keptrack of it for my stylus, want I do smart socks, keychain RFID instead of visual pattern recognition of smartphone cameras, use local light and sound over global electronic networks of the telecommunications global internet cloud connectag secretly smartly through invisible infrared LEDs/lasers or ultrasonic/infrasonic super fast phononic sonic key-patterns allow devices to ping one another silently/invisibly/unnoticeably without involving the cloud- like super smart walkie talkies invisible microwave/infrared/radio key-patterns allow devices to ping one another without involving the cloud- like super smart walkie talkies (day and night vision) ultrasound image - associated with soldiers, nurses, doctors, babies, mothers, and snipers - Hey JSBMarvestone device to device communication through optical , infrared, microwave, or visual signalling ultrasonic / infrasonic / audio pinging - singing the sounds of silence EM radiative / infrared / multi-wavelength transceiver MIMO QR code vs the SP code or the 42 code Two Mediums from which two communicators can achieve successful one to one device connection 1. Local EM waves, Sonic or other super low energy ambient energy signatures / patterns 2. electronicloud network of the wired internet cable dial up PHONEtag PHOTOPHONE bio-metric identity --> facial recognition, iris scanner, fingerprint, random voice reproduction, hand gestures, pictorial t-shirts OMNIGAMIFICATION secrets of the interneTap TeleTag Tele bracelets smartwatch headband facial recog / car recognition / omniPRIVACY pry vacy VOXER VONAGE cross-platform Sub-network communication / antenna sensor geometry fractal graphene MoniSubsequence - Life is precious beyond words. Gratitude to the MoniSource. need to write my story or no one else will, said spoki There are So many parts of my brain, sometimes they don't all function synergistically, often commensalistically, and sometimes even parasitically. atomolecules mollys cool So Many OmniStrings inanatom! So Many atoms in a nerve cell! So Many nerve cells in a brain! So Many brains in a society! So Many societies on the Web! Information flowing freely. Transport vehicles/content People/Goods/Information Spoducing everything to OmniDual OmniMonic OmniDuo OmniDuet OmniDuel OmniBioDia OmniDuality Mission Operatives / Mottos / Mantras / POAs / fundamental principles Made in America Organic and Eco-Friendly OmniConvenience OmniCustomization Forging Triple Profit Pathways Sustainable / Renewable / Green / Clean / Anti-Pollution Mathematically Sound => pi / phi / e / i / 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / ∞ Oceanic bloodstream. The sun is the heart pumping the ocean, breathing through forested lungs of Earth,3. Spotag wifiTag Spotopia solarchy spoluminati spoki ‪Danni Tori Josephine Rue-Schield‬ red tree shield omniluminati reveleven leveleven leveleverevelayer levelayerevelever What on gods green earth is a MultipolymoniSeaSpoRemote Rube Goldberg machine Shotspotters omnispotters spospotters solspotters monispotters omniTay was a bust sposana spoasis spomemes spomedica omnica spo shops & Spo Stops & Spo's spots & Spo Spots honeysicles Where do u live - past memories, future possibilities, presentrealities both past memories and future possibilities are generated here in the now Numbers from the sky - Letters from Gaea (Ea/Earth/Geo/Gea) I am here to Right the OmniDuality. I am here to build the OmniSpome. I am here to write the OmniStones all right.  Compassion - Intelligence - Intuition - Benevolence - Transcendence - Focus  Concentration - Communication -  Traditionally, Communication involves at least two parties - the sender and receiver(s). Now, transportation necessitates only one party - the transporter.  But in reality, both processes involve only one party (OmniSpomeStoneSnowShow) playing three parts - sender, transporter, receiver, and transporter. Quality is quantity.  P = NP. The omnispace of life pulses deafeningly silent stillness Life projects us forward through objective time,  but divides us backwards through subjectively dual duels...     - nondual duet duo do over dues duel - Subjective participation in the objective's recreation And omni-bidirectional regeneration, simultaneously Expanding and compressing IME, collecting stray photons from our parent (sun) exploiting / catching blowing air on our parent planet (wind) -oxygen/nitrogen (nitroxygen) or harnessing the flow of dihydrogen monoxide (water) or reforesting the entire Earth until it is an post-industrial (bio-nergy) -paradisiacal Garden of e10 (E-X) 5 = V , 10 = X permestone or tapping into the overabundance of Geothermal energy (Earth-stone) The OmniMonicaDuality The OmniMonicaDuality's Tri-Squared Fusion of the Four Physical Elements 1. Resonate Focused Conscious Awareness of Weather- Concentrated Energy Being - ENERGY 2. Breathe Pure & Clean Wet-Air - Aeration from Oxygen with OmNitrogen as the inert carrier - AIR 3. Drink Pure H2O Water  - Universal Medium of Life - WATER 4. Eat Food - Wet-Earth - EARTH 5. Quintessence - SPIRIT This idea is to ensure every one of the 8 billion omnitechnobeingspirtsouls on Ea 0. Is at one with Omni 1. Has clean air to breathe 2. Has 100% pure H2O to drink 3. Has clothing and shelter from the elements and inclement weather 4. Has a place of privacy for alone time and sanitary/ecologically smart/sound Waste Management 5. Has reliable access to the Telecommunication Internets 6. Practices MultiTherapy - Eco, Bio, Geo, Pet-Zoo, Art, Sports, Yoga, Music, Agri, Textual, Tactile, Photo, Medi, Game     -Pharma, Meditation, 7. Has nutritious nourishment (eats well) 8. Has sustainable sources of electrical power • Everything in the universe is G_d's divine presence. The OmniSea is the wet air in which we all swim and breathe in all types of weather. • • You are nothing but G-d. • • Everybody & Everything R. Every Life Form on Earth, Every Atom, Every Alien in the Universe, Every thought of every Mind, Every Brain in every body, Every heartbeat, All existence arises through the infinite dream of Eva, The OmniCreatrix. Truth istranger than fiction, because Timestruthisspaceless. Fiction is merely a infinitesimal part of the Universal Truth-Bearing OmniSea. Come join us in the Heart of it All! • The universe is omnispogodeva's novel, lethereplaywrightit • This is God's OmniSpomniSpomniSpo's Sage • What is meaning without nonsense? • • atmospheric water generation through aero-centrifuge • and water filtration through electromagnetic centrifuge • • At least Five problems of humanity are solved by OGEC solves humanity's 5 biggest problems • - 1. H20 scarcity; of pure-fresh water supply (desalination/distillation/distibution/filtration) • - 2. NRG scarcity; of electrical power generation - sustainable clean green renewable reliable • - 3. Cooling/heating from surface and seabed heat exchanging tunnels • - 4. reverses pollution of water bodies • - 5. sustainable chemical supply - hydrogen, heavy metals, extracting CO2, • - 6. lack of cooperation / provides social services/functions/spaces • • PRIME WORLD-CHANGING Benefits of the OGEC Power Stations • 1. They provide a source of 100% clean pure oxidane/dhmo/h20/water/eau/aqua/agua, a lifesaver in the third world, tunneled through the coastal shelfbelow coastal cities to create the artificial aqueducts conveyances of purefreshing water rivers of the omniseawells. • 2. Once online, They generate and store almost unlimited amounts of electrical power - clean, non-polluting, sustainable, super-cheaply produced (free with maintenance), no fuel costs, no land costs (if any), • through OGEC systems and other Solar, Bio, Wind, Hydro, and Geo Energy Generators • 3. Provide Cooling/AC from the Deepwater temperature in the ultra-insulated seabed tubes tunneled through the continental shelf to the city. Provide heating from surface solar pipes. • 4. They clean, purify, detoxify, enhance, better the water quality of their host water bodies, very eco-friendly with a beneficial interface to the ocean such as an seartificial bioreef. • 5. In their purification of the toxic metals, harmful artificial chemicals and elimination of the biological/microbial poisons from the Elemental extraction from the world ocean, through solution mining and extraction- salt extraction and elemental/molecular rearrangement industry, sea mining, lead, arsenic, cadmium, precious metals, and other molecules from the ultra-polluted world ocean. salt deposition saturation point • 6. They provide omnipanfunctional social spaces such as information connection, omniponic 4d bioseagardens, transportation facilitation, urban synchronization. • • These OGEC water-gravity power-generation stations will bring the aforementioned benefits^^!! >OmniSpoSea Functional Products-Ultra customization, Super Personalization, Instant Improvement, OmniKaizenergy RUMI - beloved every moment, in every event of your life, the Beloved is whispering to you exactly what you need to hear and know. Who can ever explain this miracle? It simply is. Listen and you will discover it every passing moment. Listen, and your whole life will become a conversation in thought and act between you and Him, directly, wordlessly, now and always. the Omnisecret of Maximinization maximinize - maximize the good/favorable/virtuous/positive variables like functionality/happiness/wealth and minimize/eliminate/sublimate/transform the bad variables such as pain/waste/death/evil/hate/war/extinction maximinize - increase functionality / value / potential / power / practical/ pragmatism/ feasible/ happiness / wealth / creativity / and decrease pain/waste/death = master the OmniDuality through Maximinization = omnization The current GURPS tech level scale: TL 0 — Stone Age: Clubs and loincloths. TL 1 — Bronze Age: Alphabet and the wheel. TL 2 — Iron Age: Waterwheel and iron working. TL 3 — Medieval: High Fantasy is set here. Steel invented. Sailboats. TL 4 — Age of Exploration: Guns invented. "High-Tech" begins. TL 5 — Industrial Revolution: Steam engine. TL 6 — Mechanized Age: (c. 1900-1950) Very first TVs and mechanical calculators. TL 7 — Nuclear Age (c1951-2000): Computer invented. Lasers, miniaturization, mature fission technology. TL 8 — Microscience (c2001-2050?): Gengineering, longevity, micromachines, early fusion technology. Beginnings of AI. TL 9 — Nanoscience: Environmental engineering, nanomachines, intelligent AI, mature fusion technology. "Ultra-Tech" begins. TL 10 — Robotic Age. "True" AI. Hand held lasers, particle beam weapons. Gravity control. TL 11 — Exotic Matter. Altering atoms. FTL technology (with superscience). Space Opera. TL 12 — Age of Miracles. Near total control of time and space. People can buy pocket universes. It is not because angels are holier than men or devils that makes them angels, but because they do not expect holiness from one another, but from God alone. ~William Blake An integral being knows without knowing, sees without looking, and accomplishes without doing. ~Lao-Tzu "Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions." - Edgar Cayce By Jove i've got december brain decemberry Brain Skol Danke Shain Decemberry Brains Script and Screenplay for Thank Eau 4 Breathing 5/5/2016 encourage the Blissful video game Flow urbanblooms 3Dunity of the Uber experience deep mind 12 and crystal ball trump omnillion distitches if you fall behind lucifer's flow speed up if you go faster than Her flow (Lucinda loves you) slow down swiftly don't worry be Jwsh 888-314-0836 xchange bioshelters forest gardening seawater greenhouse solar greenhouse hydro-sol-air greenhouses Zplayapp sposana wrkng on discovering STNSANA A better park - spo's park is a better park. A better Soil Spodirt - Sposoil A better application - Sposapp A better metabusiness model Television radio print internet Sposicles are microcapsules of biopolymer encapsulated greens extract + superfruit extract + omni bioproteins fatty acids Liposome proteosome cellulosome amylosomes chitin chitosan albumin Key Reminders to Success:   Focus on precise, exact, pragmatic, practical, and  specifications.  Maintain laser-like attentional clamp upon OmniSpo Business Chain.  Concentrate all willpower upon Positively Processing the OmniSpo-Prospectus. Through benevolution...  OmniSpoMest Inc. creates unlimited value/wealth/goodness/virtue/joy/productivity.  Unifying Dueling Duos into OmniTriBiMonity = OmniTriBiMonicaDuality Covering the five alchemical elements 1. power the world with electric fire 2. rescue billions of lives with wet air 3. generate unlimited wealth with water falls 4. protect all OmniSpomeStones with 5. connect 8+ billion meta-self(s) through OmniSpo's spiritual quintessence  OmniSpomeStoneStubeSquidomes shall do it all. OS's Business Plan Track -  The Synchronicity synergizes my synchronizations, by supporting my intuitive flow. Fractal-FireActAll-FireActTell- OmniBioDome  H2Oasis OasiSpo SPOaseas SPOasis SPO Aces Spo-Aces OH2Oasis OHIOASIS spoasispo SPOaces SPOasays oazez biosome diadem mers stem filopodia filaments axonal cone meristem hydro-aqua-agua-eau-water omni's billboard water from air power from sun energy from wind energy from people-without-homes-hunergy emotionally electric duels and you look up and realize you are in this huge bio-dome producing electricity for zero-waste production of food, fuel, fibers, pure water, clean air Spodeas 4 10 31 12 100% water crispurefreshing hemplastic - wetrainair Buck Aidsicles Pasta palace - omnispobarestaurant - foodrinkgarden franchise O.g.e.c. AquaTube SeaStems omniS words of omnis age Trash mining of rare earth elements crispurefreshments Under or over the weather Sexplosion OmniSnowball omniswinger Omnisappliance sposong Four to Six startup concepts / topitches with potential investment partners + co-founders comprising start up team 1. Solar Organic restaurant farm franchise chain 2. Spo's aqua solair Parks sporganic omnisponic farms sporchards nurseries greenhouses 3. SpoMetag / Smartphonetag / heartag secretag treetag vidatag metag etag internetag decentag gootag plantag gametag 4. Agua gravity energy conversion seastems offshore multifunctional power generation and storage, water harvesting / collecting / purifying 5. Pentadomes 6. Spodeas42 Grow most valuable/useful/appropriate croplantrees Solar parkstop Franchise model is site customized, flexibly monetized, state generous, adaptive, constant innovation, personalizable 3.   Where do you have money invested? I have money invested in the following ventures (some are in progress and some in planning stages): A.  Vertical Solar Topiary- uses ambient power to generate clean water, food, and electricity, all the while utilizing waste and filtering the air   - this project will be funded at least half by the columbus city government matched 50:50 by private funds   - this project is a small prototype of the enormous Solar WinDomes that I envision will soon power each continent B.  New classes of solar energy devices - portable and permanent   - for example the solar condenser featured in the vertical solar topiary will use an economical solar concentrator and collector system to produce clean water and electricity from the ambient sun and air   - quantum dot solar photovoltaic device with three patentable innovations C.  I have found much support for The Automatic OmniBar Franchise The core function of the Atomatic OmniBardomes is generating Dual Retail Thelivery- Matching the Virtual MarketSpace with Physical Spo.Lime Delivery D.  I am also invested in Developing Multiple Virtual Businesses including a Carnetwork site and a revolutionary Omni Speed Message board. E. Developing Countless Misc other side projects: Omni's Water, Omni's Wet-air, Automatic toothbrush, Electric Cars, new interactive instruments and ecotectures, Adventurer, Author, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Product Developer, Lover, Athlete, Healer, Ghost-writer, Tutor, and Organic Gardener - I cherish every moment of life! I love the Sun! I amall about the Omni! =) My co-founders and I develop business concepts for solar power and green energy franchises. Our seed-stage company seeks expert engineers and talented artists to get in on the ground floor with equity ownership in future billion dollar ventures. Dreamstone did dishes for Dana Mellow Spo mellow blue moon May your lights always be green! May others' mistakes by you be seen.Dream cycle Lovecraft was never able to support himself from earnings as author and editor. Kaia is a Virgo.  According to astrologers, Virgos are shy and dislike being the centre of attention. Artificial reefs, seasteading, omnispomengineering, panfunctionalspaces FreeWriting: Flowithemagic is the way forward to the funtastical future cartalk americadabra valetalk Mean what you say or the spell becomes bond before it is even born... Keep caution on intention when manifesting your existence May you only produce good karma Take note of your abundance, the magnetic connection to source is infinite in ways of grasping Be you been planning this for thirteen years now… actually closer to 14… i saw what was happening, and i realized who brought the light and even named my favorite ferret after my brother from the same mother! all the crew is ready. the omnis8d omnis2b$ moniseasamsmyth the codes and crew are in place. four leaders paddy wagons readingroadMLK specials the magicarpetriders let the games begin, its yall's/our choices--> paradise or oblivion utopia or oblivion - spoblivion seed ideas buckeye fuller - saw spaceship earth as one integrated system one island one ocean of the world Top ten croplants - Oats, hemp, potatoes, carrots, peanuts, almonds, tomatoes, peppers, beans, lemons Materia medica De architectura Actualistree crops croplantreeshrubines We are nature beings living an earthly life, unfolding like an earth flower into our natural selves. Bloom like the flower that you are Eco bio solar sea franchise Hemp - Giant processing plant, imperial palace, industrial village, eco-city benedustrial nnabis. Among the most compelling evidence is the "strategic" value of "hemp" referenced in Executive Order 13603. Signed by President Obama on March 16th, 2012, EO 13603 identifies "hemp" as a"strategic resource" available by "essential civilian demand." Brainforest Brain4St Forestop 4stop 45T 45Try Phi air aer aire 4ST2Bs solar powered Spiral centrifugal wind powered dehumidifier Pergola pavilion Quality promise maintenance spanera Spo.mesh networks Trigeneration Thermionic cool and power chips Thermoelectric TPV thermoPVs Stirling PV = Thermally cooled Joseph Sposho Broderick / Oshospo Arispo spomer spodyssey adventures of OmniSpo omniezsche whois who is thereOMNI span Quality promise always upward onward inward maintenance evolution ecolution spolition Reason for vegan is better on ecosystem Quality.goes up in all resepcts P3 PLANET PERSON PROFIT Spomodeling Process mapping new corporate model for eco bio solar real estate development business research for solar sparkstops pi for profit phi for nature's golden ratio/mean psi for human mind if all together we all rise higher nature open many eyes medicine maker built within living life pour fill everything harmony raise your sight through the shadows with living light You create and direct the dream. When I read "Power Trips: Controlling your Dreams" by Dr. Stephen LaBerge in an Omni Magazine in 1985, this article spoke about how people could know they were dreaming. It was the first time that I encountered the concept of Lucid Dreaming and it thrilled my imagination. But to the one who embraces the great mystery of dreams and reality for what IT IS, a true reflection of our consciousness, suddenly can awaken the unconscious mind that leads us like the blind. For if we could but awaken within the sleeping dream and actively co-create within that space, that process can extend into this waking dream and transform this living realm into true magic!" the nonsense now just makes it fun to play! the plans are all set the insurance file and the consignment records let the games begin, its yall's/our choices--> paradise or oblivion Who are Spolivia and Jo-anna Mollie? ANgelish angelish sposhops mediships sporemedy spomediships angelishops i am techno-mathemagical crypto-bio-hacking. what are you doing? rtmps:// 10111083137814895_0?ds=1&s_sw=1&a=ATgd6n7PmUuE0Vg9 solar powered omniLove \omnishook monishook the air the AI-R the FB-AI feeds you teleprompter synchronicity of the daydreamweaver nitrous will spark the AI revolution of Omnisage omniscarface SPO Love purpose Spark Sage with Papa Sol spiralchemy turntalk JUDO JUGO mojo yuno “come dressed as your favorite god” Lugh consulting business - purpose aligning with heaven and earth to connect all of creation gaia sky-terra connected creations living systems world-weaving omniswipe files consultancy seeds of life / creation donors / benefactor / sponsors / patrons / investorss gaia sky connected creations seed-backed world weaving network of aligned businesses holochain bio-chain biometrichain sceptre - semantic cryptographic concurrent responsive networks connected as ecological networks truembracegomniself eco-psychology holocracy living earth solutions align heaven and earth to connect all of creation world-weaving HOLONS the chairs of the two players always interweaving emotionally electric duets and you look up and realize you are in this huge bio-dome producing electricity for zero-waste production of food, fuel, fibers, pure water, clean air Throughout Infinity through Eternity / Through Infinity Until Eternity / Throughout Eternity Inside infinity bio-friendly Quantum metaphysics we make our own reality spiritual twist to it said annemarie Omni’s Ageless Love Spolution – Hydro Soul Air Power – Wet Phi Aer Omni’s Effort OmniS up Omni’s eN uR 4G 10RG 8s Seveleven 6 4 3 2s 3c2s 42 of 4s4m 3c2s ValueGrow WallGrow VowelGrow The Exchange Hierarchies of Energy Currencies Omni’s Energy Current Sea – Quality Choice of Omni’s Plasma Sea Ultimate Energy Currency – Photons and Phonons Primary Energy Currencies – Electrons and Protons Secondary Energy Currencies – Refined Biomass as Food Gas & Oil Tertiary Energy Currencies- Biomass Quaternary Energy Currencies- Wuman Movement Solar Plan Concentrating solar Power --> steam turbine concentrated Fresnel-->Stirling concentrated photovoltaics using multifunction 40+% efficient cells regular Photovoltaic Panel Systems solve et coagula 7 Imagine Energy Flows Where Attention Goes Might is right each night spin and spiral out ϟϟϟπππ A.  Vertical Solar Topiary- uses ambient power to generate clean water, food, and electricity, all the while utilizing waste and filtering the air   - this project will be funded at least half by the columbus city government matched 50:50 by private funds   - this project is a small prototype of the enormous Solar WinDomes that I envision will soon power each continent B.  New classes of solar energy devices - portable and permanent   - for example the solar condenser featured in the vertical solar topiary will use an economical solar concentrator and collector system to produce clean water and electricity from the ambient sun and air   - quantum dot solar photovoltaic device with three patentable innovations C.  I have found much support for The Automatic OmniBar Franchise The core function of the Atomatic OmniBardomes is generating Dual Retail Thelivery- Matching the Virtual MarketSpace with Physical Spo.Lime Delivery D.  I am also invested in Developing Multiple Virtual Businesses including a Carnetwork site and a revolutionary Omni Speed Message board. E. Developing Countless Misc other side projects: Omni's Water, Omni's Wet-air, Automatic toothbrush, Electric Cars, new interactive instruments and ecotectures, blucifer blue sea fair compleximplicity and you look up and realize you are in this huge bio-dome producing electricity for zero-waste production of food, fuel, fibers, pure water, clean air My Professional Roles: 1. Writer/Author 2. Inventor / Designer / Engineer / Architect  3. Entrepreneur 4. Farmer (Organic) Gardener / Agro-Foresty / Permaculture Expert unlimitless bradley cooper - silver linings playbook FINDING SpozEN WILSON WOW owen wilson things we can remember the past and things we cannot the future and the pinch which makes the future past, lets go past the future things we are membering Tao of Spo Actualistree crops croplantreeshrubines "My body is a temple and a nightclub too" "All things in moderation, including moderation itself" the challenge Don Juan sets for his pupil of finding the right place to sit or lie down. The warrior must rest in the right place and in the right mode : stillness in motion and motion in stillness. "When sitting, just sit. But sit with the rootedness of the mountain, the poise of the mantis and the awareness of a Buddha." We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications "concentration is the secret of the magical art. "all magic is in the will" The tao of Spo.mestica Omni's panarchy Omnispanarchy Dew wells The way Omnisway Sposway Sposways Omnisways Omni self fulfilling prophecies venuspo 8. The tao of Spo.mestica It is a rare soul that can stop the wheel and focus; My body is like a phantom,like bubbles on a stream. My mind looking into itself is as formless as empty space,yet somewhere within sounds are perceived.Who is hearing?"-Bassui,'Sermon on One-Mind'. The heavens, the earth and I are of the same root. The ten thousand things and I are of the same substance. -Zen Master Sojo Every blade of grass has its own special angel watching over it and whispering, 'grow...grow' - Talmud transmute weaknesses into strengths --> negatives into positives forthcoming The objective of a dream isn’t for it to end after you’ve awoken, but rather to continue dreaming, and in essence, manifest it.”- Aaron Caresosa Gallego Live your life each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance towards the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point.”- Harold B. Melchart We’re here to put a dent in the universe.” – Steve Jobs You build on failure. You use it as a stepping-stone. Close the door on the past. You don’t try to forget the mistakes, but you don’t dwell on it. You don’t let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space.”- Johnny Cash Man can change his destiny — not by wishing for it, but by working for it.”- Swami Chinmayananda Milton Hershey, although not as sexy a story as Jay, failed two times over the course of a decade before creating almost a complete candy monopoly on his path to millions. Hershey’s ability to fail and prevail is what makes him an underdog for the ages, literally traveling across the country to learn how to improve from his failures. When J.K. Rowling was 29 years old, she considered herself to be the biggest failure. She was an unemployed single mother with no money and had a mountain of unpaid bills. Her marriage had recently fallen apart and to top it all off, her mother had just passed away. Soon after that, Rowling was diagnosed with clinical depression and even contemplated suicide. Instead of giving up, she pursued her passion for writing as a way of coping. Her big idea was to write a story about a boy wizard named Harry Potter using emotions and experiences from her life. Bucky fuller I am who I will be. Recast your life spocado Tao of Spo Tao of Spo Tao of Spo Every noble work is at first impossible. -- Thomas Carlyle 1795 - 1881 "concentration is the secret of the magical art." and "all magic is in the will" blobjectively compleximplicity According to New Wave Energy, "The technology is tailored to operate at 50,000 ft where wind patterns are more reliable, aero-solar production is greater and there is little or no interference from weather patterns. Geocybernetics aims to study and control the complex co- evolution of ecosphere and anthroposphere AeroBioCanaDomEcoForestGardenGroceryFarm mouthroastomachintestinecolon Solar spring spigot spout Fountain of life / love / youth / sun Huge domes for high altitude wind generation Multi Can compostage gbage can wastergy bio scan ecomposter SpoCanDoMe or SpoMe After mastering the sun, winds, the waves, life, and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love's divine fire" - God is the energy that animates all material existence. We can discover and ‚Äúraise‚Äù the sparks by cultivating our awareness, by looking for spiritual opportunities. One of Shekhinah‚Äôs many names is the Secret of the Possible. The challenge is to actualize thedivine potential in ourselves and in the world by choosing how to live lovingly and wisely. We can start by quieting our cluttered, busy mind with a few minutes of silence each day. Then it‚Äôs easier to identify the sparks, the possibilities of transformation. To see us now out here in the world as actually still being in the garden if we just change perspective and hear our inner spark and welcome God in our lives is a refreshing approach to the world. Thank you paraphrase SPO's Age Whois who is Andrea Rossi Sposi syzygy spoweright sporight sposhear swarm squad steam Solar Powered Organisms On cutting edge of technology, 3D printing food, and Sown/grown/Made/cooked/baked/served (and recycled) all in America Functional module - foodelivery spot / food staging spot / outdoor compost center / lounge / arcade / weather watching roofspace Unspillable bioplastic Made from scratch, conveniently prepared, fresh local produce, FSS, charitable give backs, free h2o, clean air, oxygen bar, wall tubes, free giveaways on certain days, seawater greenhouse, buy VIP club houses eco-charity Plantentrees (nut trees, fruit trees, spice trees,oil trees Sporestaurant spomagazine Cloud melting dispelling laser haarp.. (1/2) Setae electrostaticadhesive pads uavs drone.robot android computer PA AI humanoid expert systems constructionmaintenance / removal flying dancing spheres tethered Spaggios south garden passive active ecogeoagrobio spology sunology ecosology biosology SPO = SOLAR POWERED Omni OBSERVATORY ORGANIZATION OPERATION.AL optional only ocean orders old obligatory open odor sp.orchestra Sporemedy spo-remedy spomedical apothecary esque ish pseudo ad hoc semi quasi circa almost not quite basically essentiallySpore-medicinalchemy psychozen spozen omnisreal monisreal multisreal spome.memes Automatic Bazaar spo-Cafe.teria Deli.very Standardize organic fast food Explore vegan + sporganic fast food Write spomenu Write plant list Drawrite standard layout for productive solar permaculture park plots - nursery while food forests infancy , 8 guilds, polyculture Providing microfinance micro nano loans and structure to keep homeless occupied shoveling / processing compost & recycling feedstock Expand breakfast bars and diff lunchtime Create your own apple tray (for ocdish customers who want certain arrangements) spell our name in steamed veggies or freshly sliced fruit Design your own dish/meal/delivery/gift Mix n match ASTOUNDING INTERIOR DECORATING displays with lighted water fountains with color full fish aquaponic plants growing PHISHARING FEATURING the omnishare sposhare huge water falls living structure displays Playing hunergic spotag competing on huge projector screen for who can generate the most electricity Cool interactive Dr furhman graphs realtime datavis works w point of sale system on OSR spotag omnisporemote control only O wordseek optisporemote omnispo spo'$ parks for kids for ecodaycare - healoveco naturalchemy healchemy slyly educational and fun , good physical training like Laser Tag, kids want to return everyday to indoor playground made from biopolymers as well as senior temporary spa styled assisted living care nursing home Night out for whole family SpoTagame is a game you play with your omnisporemote inside our buildings - spo's parkspots and parkspacesOutside spo's parkspots you play phonetag lightag silentag SpoTag Aim with your web connected smartphone or thru ur computers internet What on gods green earth is a MultipolymoniSeaSpoRemote omni's billboard algedonics - pleasure/pain aretaics - science of virtue aristology - dining anemology - wind AUTOLOGY BROMATOLOGY- food auxology - growth praxeology - action castrametation - designing a camp- CATALACTICS - science of commercial exchange CHREMATISTICS - study of wealth codicology - manuscriptw diagraphic diabologics dosiology EDAPHOLOGY-soil docimology ergology genealogy gemmology EUTHENICS - improving living conditions EUNOIA fluviology omniology floristry glyptographic glossology gnomonics-sundials gnosiology hedonics haemataulics halieutics - hierology hoplology sacred weapons IAMATOLOGY YAMATOLOGY kymatology - wave motion magirics - cooking ideogeny hydrometeorology! ichnography omnirenology mereology - part2whole mazology - mammals meconology - opio neurypnology - hypnotism PALEOMNI i prefer to invent at least five words per day. philametology - kissing POTAMOLOGY - rivers / omnispotamology spolemology SPOMOLOGY pomology - art of growing fruit prosody - versification pseudology - science of lying rheology rhabdology schematonics - gestural tonal expression signifies SILVICS - study of tree of life sophiology -ideas somatology - matter spermology stemmatology pro-speleology synecology!!!!! KALOLOGY-beauty SYNECTICS in the AI OmniSAGE OMNISAIGE xylography - study of wood zoosemiotics zygology joining zymology fermentation zythology - study of beer zymurgy distilling wediscovered resonance frequency matching, alignment of the magnetic field, and impedance matching are the most important factors for efficient wireless power transfer PARK SPARK MetaBar PhiMetaDome OmniSpecialist omnisexchange sposana water from air power from sun energy from wind energy from people-without-homes-hunergy spologics aqualogy Spo's Parks 2. Desert farm sponics fore√üt garden 4$T Redesign spex for southern sparks, tropical sparks, island sparks, temperate sparks, rainforest sparks, Industrial sparks, remedial sparks, Urban/city sparks, northern sparks, Arctic sparks, desert sparks, sea sparks, taiga sparks, ice sparks, mountain sparks, country sparks, And inter-galactically, outer space stellar sparks. Functions benefits solutions All sparks Cleans air and water of surrounding ambient environ. Ecosystems Restores preserves biodiversity $po$parks ==> Solar powered organic sustainable Parks Replicate and expand efficient/effective processes of sparks = spomarks Partner w BrOnner Emulate / riff from / spin off the organic company leaders packaging / mission statement Omnisold Electric double layer - negative roots + positive leaves Patio courtyard Sporangery orangeries walled garden Renaissance gardens Hyperfunctional Spodeas42 sponics Mirror reflector cone dome spome lens heliostats heliospos light tubes redirect rechannel Theo solar matrixPortico porch veranda pergola terrace sunspace Patio balcony clerestory bay windows castle Pasta palace arcadia Elysium eden Ecotherapy Piquant ubiquitous eleemosynary grub ambrosial umami gustatory pie hole balthazaar gamey borborygmus apricity WE RECOGNIZE / REALIZE that two fundamental problems face humanity - scarcity of fresh water AND clean energy. sustainable solution supplies abundance of clean energy sources AND crispurefreshing water! abundance clean, how compressibleis 4% of water, enough to make it work for power generation, oceanic gravitational battery Potential Energy, a tube/pipe/drain dream power drain piping dreams cloudrain spobrain mindrain buyology / chemical biologist 786 vs 687 omnitrogen nitroxygen vs carbondome cannon Demister dhmo monODiH dihydroxygen liquid-vapor separator reinventing dehumidifiers / distillers / atmospheric water generator / condenser >> nonthermal flash freezing water vapor - antisublimation reverse sublimation, goes from gasolidicewatersliquid WE RECOGNIZE / REALIZE that two fundamental problems face humanity - scarcity of fresh water AND clean energy. sustainable solution supplies abundance of clean energy sources AND crispurefreshing water! abundance clean, how compressible is 4% of water, enough to make it work for power generation, oceanic gravitational battery Potential Energy, a tube/pipe/drain dream power drain piping dreams cloudrain spobrain mindrain 1st attemptry >> adsorption chillers solar powered cooled down by liquid nitrogen/argon/krypton/a high thruput cooling tubes heat sink freeze-fan blades, ram air turbine, reaction vessel to flash freeze h20 ice crystals midair that blow straight into melting tank while rest of air flies up, super insulated cooling tubes 2nd scheme >> simple scaled up centrifuge thermionic demister drying human powered spinning cyclonic separator , density separation 3rd idea >> biomimesis thru zebra aquabiochannels w hairs setae water-attracting polarized biomaterials ! attach to tree of or wind turbine 4th design ==> resonant entrainment of h20 through ultrasonics, lasers, 970 nm 2.45 ghz 24 GHz 180+320 Ghz 42.7 kHz ultrasound, 30-50 kHz ultrasonic, IR vibrational absorption spectra, an electric field diverts water ==>preconditioning air before it enters these designed devices >> air prefiltration through (condensative thermionic) electrostatic air filter, HEPA filters, ceramic filters, activated carbon filter ==>product design ideal is high yield scaleable, works above 1-10% humidity, sustainable, automatic, nonthermal, nonelectric, analog accidental epiphany would solve onsite irrigatory ills/ issues, put one around every tree trunk/canopy for auto- rigation, circumduction sology spology frost point, thermodynamic diagrams what is water vapor's resonant frequency for ultra sound, radio waves, directional microwaves / symphony of hydro condensation! any combinations of infra>>ultrasound waves / laser beams / light waves / Electrostatic and/or EM waves, plasmonic, directional microwaves to steer / elute h2o molecules away from other air species, pulsing humidity to condense water molecules separate h20 by density differentials in centrifuge cooled by thermoelectrics, electro-static field attractive to water's dipole, lower molecular w8 using a condensation collection centrifuge (EM fields) in a test tube cooled with alternating channels of superhydrophilic & omnihydrophobic test tube hydro-collector is covered with superhydrophilic hairs / setae / trichromes / pyramids / grids / meshs aquabrush, MOFs aerogels freezing air in tiny tubes - next step raise temperature to boil off nitrogen oxygen , argon/krypton is copper a polar molecule? metals like aluminum hydrophilic? surface NRG? biomimetic setas desert beetle, infomaterialchemergy. menergy force air through ~1D tubes having zebra patterned alternating superhydrophilic to capture can you absorb adsorb soak airborne water evelopment a towel/ sponge low energy AWG / dehumidfier / distiller + filtration system wet-air weather water production, wind powered, solar, bio, battery powered thermionic thermoelectric dehumidifier freeze air, quality air, freezer, fall streak, airologist, is a hole occurring in a cloud layer of supercooled water droplets; produced by the local freezing of some of the droplets and their coversion into fallout, frequently in a streak form. So yes...sort area of a cloud can freeaze and fall from the sky, sort of like a tale by pooh bear. virga is cloud freezing melting falling evaporating raising pressure chamber facilitates the water vapor's freezing / sticking / condensing onto the freezing Piezo metal plate, melt off w Piezoelectricity / thermionic cells, let liquid water drip into bi-collection hydro-philic-channels and restart cycle freezing water out make snowflakes / sleet / rain / hailstones from high altitude cloudomes windomes where temperature is cold frigid but pressure higher opposite of sublimation is spolimation / solimation water shaped / sized pores are what specific dimensions / characteristics - polarity spolarity only water is polar molecule, dipole responds to static/dynamic/alternating omni's energy fields by flipping spinning wet-air pico-filter research questions - water pore shape, polarity reacts to external field, surface energy/tension/capillary forces/ pressure ‚àÜs h20 free.sing, biomimetic materials/tricks silk , polar material collector film, centrifuging freesing air w doublended tubes, resonant field frequencies combo multi symphony of ultrasound, lasers, em waves, magnetic fields, directional microwave pulses, switchable tempressure centrifuge biophilia compress air heats it, expanding air cools it Businessmanship, medical franchises, tradesmanship, dew collection nets, fog collectors, atmospheric aqua-reaction extractive chamber / center / channels heating spomes, pentadomes, windomes, high altitude power station with arrays of sol.air.sea.tubes , omni spo joe moni push the frontiers of elemental sequestration Cooling air will cause the constituent components to condense out of it at progressively lower temperature: first water vapor, and then CO2 (195 K), followed by Kr (120 K), O2 and CH4 (90 K), Ar (87 K), N2, Ne (27 K), H2 (20 K), and He (4 k) spometrology petalotus metalotus DECEMBER AYN SOPH DECEMBRAIN THE ZEN BRAIN DECEMBRAIN SEASTEMS emotionally electric duels and you look up and realize you are in this huge bio-dome producing electricity for zero-waste production of food, fuel, fibers, pure water, clean air Between order and disorder reigns a delicious moment Transform reality into an ever improving meta process  The growth of the omnistonetwork from omnispodeas In order Smallest to biggest From the omniheart of the omniself From omnisposicles Omnidome Omnispodome Omnispomes Island first Then continent Then world Then solar system SPOMESHOPS Sweatag sposwords solswords sology Spology sold cubedome first comes hardware with embedded firmware intermediary then the software. osi 7 layer model. Computer network types by spatial scope Near field (NFC) Body (BAN) Personal (PAN) Car/Electronics (CAN) Near-me (NAN) Local (LAN) Home (HAN) Storage (SAN) Campus (CAN) Backbone Metropolitan (MAN) Wide (WAN) Cloud (IAN) Internet Interplanetary Internet Intergalactic Computer Network protocol stack for micro-processor architecture. spo.remember moniswords vs omnispos forget not to remember to forgive, fractal omnology Mycostudy mycostudly encouraging curiosity for a lifetime, battle strategy, game plan of action, mastermind-mapping, blueprint, M.O., master plan analogitized analodigital analodigitize = ANALOG + DIGITAL = SPOSWORDS OSR2014 / SPOMEME SPOMESSAGE SOPHLIMESTAOMNI value proposition HEMPETROLEUM HEMPETROL THEMPETROL "Everything is poison, there is poison in everything. Only the dose makes a thing not a poison." - Paracelsus OMNIHILISM customer development ground glass Pyrex joints, reusable tumblers, no trash, biogas anerobic digester/composter, closing loops, upcycling, roof rainwater harvesting, air-eau-h2o-aqua- sea generation, worm farming, future complimentary complementary synergistic seed servicing, serendipity, rushurryupstake ur time! small scale OGEC >>hydraulic head to abracadabra wala alakazam shibboleth open sesame key code keypads password authentication small scale AGES sea stems system ==> basement cellar door from raintank on roof,/spire.. tree to cave, cloudrain, for educational pick ur own fruit for free don't sell your idea-plexes short, dance and move work gasolidicewatersliquide next breath and are reborn Goodrugs Badrugs Medrugs foodrugs foundress founders foundresses awesome words rare words esoteric words powerful words both the heart and the sun pump plasma- although the heart's plasma is our blood's plasma and the Sun pumps hydrogen-laden plasma to fuel its atomic fusion reactions responsible for its massive power generation and Earth's insolation (which comprises most of Earth's energy budget for that matter). Therefore it seems both the Sun and the Heart are both, though at different scales, natural systems of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). Your Heart has a super strong fractal electromagnetic field- shaped like a 'DONUTORUS' surrounding your body. We are so electric! omnisporestart mediate spomeditate mediate medicate Harness the power of the sun burning intensely with your every heartbeat! Channel the positive lightning of your cellular bio-connections! Mediate your body's self-healing processes of respiration-wielding confidently the rejuvenating power of breath... Inhale quite deeply filling all your diaphragm/belly, then slowly yet completely exhale all internal waste gases/CO2, pausing to hold a smiling silence at the end of your exhalation. Then subtly progress the relaxation of your breath cycle, by gradually inhaling deeper with every new breath, and exhaling more slowly than the last breath. Noteseven taomnispo Me so potamia between rivers tigers and you fraidys Medi terrean Omniguy Moni Shalominsky shits Juice Usirve Weserve Underwood Heartwood tone wood Spovation Isophene Isobar Omnispobar PHASE I: FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS A comprehensive feasibility analysis was developed for an offshore mariculture project in The Bahamas. The marine fish farming project exhibits a high degree of feasibility. Airocean map Seair airsea SolaWindsea The Dymaxion map or Fuller map is a projection of a world map onto the surface of an icosahedron, which can be unfolded and flattened to two dimensions. The projection depicts the Earth's continents as "one island," or nearly contiguous land masses. The arrangement heavily interrupts the map in order to preserve shapes and sizes. The map was created by Buckminster Fuller. The March 1, 1943, edition of Life magazine included a photographic essay titled "Life Presents R. Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion World". The article included several examples of its use together with a pull-out section that could be assembled as a "three-dimensional approximation of a globe or laid out as a flat map, with which the world may be fitted together and rearranged to illuminate special aspects of its geography. Sexcapade Meta = goal Write menu of omnispo spots stop shop hygrosolair spot sun spot Every dish. Every drink. Every seed and starter plant of every useful heirloom non-TGMO crop on earth Every good rug medicine omniferas carpet pharma sea Every domesicle. Every plant. Spo Reimagine foodishes foodrugs carpets & foodrinks - BLT, poly bar, ezekial bread, zucchini onion, potato soap, Pasta salad, vegan pasta sauces, chicken, moms recipes, chipsalsa, online favorites, chili, rice, jambalaya, mex rice Aquaponic fishes All organic and mostly vegan, no GMO, no toxins at 8 sigma levels Write children's books about many essential themes Pasta palace menu No "natural flavors" All organic biodynamic permaculture bio intensive sustainable agroforestry eco therapy mediculture Ultra transparent holistically closed physico-material cycle$ vegan wastergy Sporganic bar ingredients: Organic Chia seeds Organic Hemp seed hearts shelled Organic Flax seeds Organic Nuts like almonds, sunflower kernels, pine nuts, peanuts, -->cashews, Brazil nuts, macadamians, pecans, walnuts, pepitas, Whole grains Organic Fruits like acai, goji, cranberries, Cacao Coffee cherries berries Sprouts Oils The sun room franchise - a2deli 365/24/7 Schottenstein, wexner, bikecaffe franchise concept Omnideli omniseadeli sea snail shells Seaspray Aerosol caffeinergy cafergy cofferrgy California trip right Before cbus launch w corso - neyer cincy might be right choice getting serious omnisteam omniscrew monigroup pangroup multeam polymonicrew Omnisample Average Cost of customer acquisition Shark tank scoop stank shank Gobie h2o Rootsuit omnicho omnido Writing compiled the full investor list Frosty & DJ, Avi Nick zach lyons Syzek ben, r carver, Deuce, KC anson frericks scott gerdes zuckerberg bezos ellison branson angelist Rob Hedge & Clayton's trio Shooting for the stars billionaires Solaroof systems sun smart resorts omni Mount omnicom Omnispomedia Hybridome birdome bardome Fatergy benergy pastergy futurgy Lexergy solergy windergy flamergy monergy panergic omnispanaroma Omnispain cuidadome ciudadome Callergy cannergy facergy sunnergy Solar libraries entrepreneurial haley sundays winking lizard anal sunday Monday sunday fri sat soja Baby cradle at w lizard Gift card coinstar Abandoned buildings, rpac Top of arps parkingarages Parkingaragelevatortowers Or sturdy warehouses with cleaning What purposes has the installation Solar alleys smart glass box cup bed Sporearrangenent Blass gox One project, overriding first priority, long time horizon Greenhouse giant conservatory Farm franchise, Permaculture garden Honeycombroom The sun roof Soluna room Omnispeak Allday cafe cosmicafe pizzasta pastizza palace castle cave Honeymonicomb multicombar A2Delivery a2eau deli de eau solarium telebar lovergy Sundew nightshade niteshadow cloudomes Omnitrous bar omnitroxygen hydrocarbonitroxygens Spoasis spohiosu Copadive Water is ash. CO2 is ash. SEAbus Ohio first & the nati second! Third california Fourth austinychicagoregon Phifth omniseamonislandspomes Solar air buckeye cosmicafedelivery Sombras de sol Customized, personalized, tailored, optional, ultra-convenient Hockey stick exponential growth Execution execution execution Location location location! Cosmicafe cosmos spolitan Multispomonisea monasea Hot tea juice cafe h2o Tree with spiral roots yggradisil tshirt Personal training studio First one nonalcoholic location Second one alcoholic Naturepath roadomes connecthem Spaceless spacemest Shade is cold i feel the grlady said Mobile sun rooms Shipping containers Sunnycomb Wifi library delibrary liberry libarairy Television bookshelves analog Polaroid b4 interweb Bootstrap ing Solar taxis buses shuttle China containers r.v.s double wide Trailer Campus and grandview Zoo part.ership Mall shops Partner w university Existing businesses bar Spark of the magic moment The PS4 launch was really focused on this idea of pervasive gaming - about taking elements of your games around with you whoever you go. That's going to be a major challenge for designers isn't it? Yes, for sure! It's something to think about. But on the other hand there aren't so many franchises out there that people will want to engage with on a 24-hour basis. A that point, if you're thinking of a game that people will engage with constantly on all of their devices, then you're talking about a new kind of pastime. Not all brands are made for that. It can't be, 'Hey, let's take everyone of our games and turn it into a 24-hour-a-day experience!' Pyramid dome cone cube circle triangles trapezoidome Geodesic domes - radially extruded arch tangentially Hive of Honeycomb & monicomb Solaroofs of the sunroom corporate franchise chain Fusionergy solergy solarooms Direct message: make your customers understand why they should use your company Spo gone seas serpent Transconscious coherence. Intentional unity. NeuroTranscircuit Fan filter circuits Clean room Duckweed tilapia Ulpa filters Cartlidge Scarpedrug Smash Presion pple founder Steve Jobs‚Äô quotes are often repeated to the point of clich√©, but one in particular has always held resonance: ‚ÄúYou can‚Äôt connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. ‚ÄúYou have to trust in something ‚Äì your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well-worn path, and that will make all the difference.‚Äù When you are beginning a business, especially in such a difficult economic climate, there are often no pole stars to rely on. If at first Jobs‚Äôs quote seems somewhat airy it is worth rereading. In the absence of tangible markers, the handholds and footholds required to create a thriving enterprise have to come from the energy of the entrepreneur. Buckminster Fuller ‚Äì 1895-1983, a 20th Century inventor, gifted the world the geodesic dome and all of its amazing attributes. A geodesic dome is a domed structure that is shaped like a half a ball and is created by equally sized triangles that are evenly spaced. Fuller has been called a ‚Äòpractical philosopher‚Äô who experimented with ideas to simplify them and make them functional and easy to assemble. Fuller held 28 patents, wrote 28 books, and received 47 honorary degrees from universities around the world. His true aim was to create ideas that encouraged sustainability on the planet. read the amazing biography of Buckminster Fuller ¬† ¬† Domes became popular for ‚Äòhomes‚Äô from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s, but the shape of a dome house makes it difficult to build and to live in1: Air stratification and moisture distribution within a dome are unusual, and these conditions tend to quickly degrade wooden framing or interior paneling. Privacy is difficult to guarantee because a dome is difficult to partition satisfactorily. The interior space functions as a single space and sound travels and is amplified as it moves to the outside edge and then along the interior skin, so sound is all over. This makes every noise everywhere noticeable and annoying. It is nearly impossible to get away from any sound inside a dome. Unless, you break up the interior with solid linear walls. Smells, and even reflected light tend to be conveyed through the entire structure. Restricted use due to lack of headroom. Design for basic furniture did not fit within a circular plan. To heat a dome is an interesting exercise in fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Window coverings are not enough, there needs to be a fan to circulate the hot air down to the floor running most of the time when the dome is closed up. The tools required do not fit the usual quantitative list; numbers may be important, but you need your guts as well as your brain. In place of figures you must fast develop your sense of judgment. Learn to balance the conservative plan with the ambitious investment. Such business sense is invaluable. Often, investment will have no initially obvious success. The results of an action may only, as Jobs suggested, become clear later down the road. This sense of judgment you must cultivate to take immediate advantage of the many unforeseeable occurrences that every business experiences. These black swans arise from the everyday flock and may offer opportunity or threaten ruin. This leads to finding good ‚ÄúWingmen‚Äù, the people who will help you through anything, who are often the only tangible guidance available. Finding personnel, both mentors and staff, who compliment and add to your own strength and judgment is essential. After launching into Boots, I knew I needed to find someone who had ‚Äúbeen there and done it‚Äù. I found my mentor, Will King, founder of the King of Shaves on Twitter ‚Äì the perfect medium for start-ups to reach out directly to CEOs and other companies. Equally, you want positive energy; people who can add optimism and expertise to pragmatism and numerical business sense. It is essential to surround yourself with people who believe in the project, people willing to sacrifice significant parts of their lives in the pursuit of its success. Finally, belief and commitment: two clich√©s so well worn and yet so essential. They build momentum. They allow for a management style that is adaptive. Because the path is rarely linear: a setback could be followed by further obstacles or even a fantastic opportunity. Such is the caprice of business. This is why it is at once so enthralling and addictive; why you can pour your life into it and gain nothing in return. Omniswingman swing women This is also why those who can adapt with sound judgment; Those who are able to navigate the course unaided by the past and unsure of the future are those that are most likely to succeed. Those who emerge successful on the other side can look back and see how all the dots suddenly joined up behind. unit apartment building has been constructed in the German city of Hamburg that has 129 algae filled louvered tanks hanging over the exterior of the south-east and south-west sides of the building‚Äîmaking it the first in the world to be powered exclusively by algae. Designed by Arup, SSC Strategic Science Consultants and Splitterwerk Architects, and named the Bio Intelligent Quotient (BIQ) House, the building demonstrates the ability to use algae as a way to heat and cool large buildings. Baudrunner aether zephyr vendicarian jamshyd axe master Physorg ke use of the algae, which the team retrieved from the nearby Elbe river, it was put into large thin rectangular clear cases. Inside, the algae live in a water solution and are provided nutrients and carbon dioxide by an automated system. Each tank was then affixed to the outside walls of the building onto scaffolding that allows for turning the tanks towards the sun‚Äîsimilar to technology used for solar collectors. As the algae grows‚Äîmostly in the summer‚Äîit provides more shade for the building, helping to keep it cool (and serves as a sound buffer as well). Excess heat that builds up in the water in the tanks is transferred to saline water tanks underneath the building for use later. When the amount of algae growth in the tanks reach a certain point, some is harvested and taken to a processing facility inside the building. There the biomass is converted to biogas which can be burned to provide heat in the winter. Thus, the building makes use of both solar thermal and geothermal energy allowing it to be heated and cooled without using any fossil fuels. Stanks satire share spole White roofs Tanks Shingles Plates Panels Films Trays Shades Skylights solar tubes tilted solar panels cool buildings and produce electricity.. Sprint scare snail Omnisporing spring printing sporent Time heals all wounds all heals OmniSPA STOP shop snow show spot Space scape slabs spans said solar baths solar showers faucet AquaSolairfalls monergy sponergy Benefactor Benearchy A world shaking 2014 book, s.he wrytes this sci phixonovel in 2042 about visions if 2084 Boldomes!! Writesitspacelessnowell Sam R. Medisea new pename ?arkey arch key are key Autobarcafedigitaldatadueldualibery Hygrobiosolair moniseastems Parkinglot sun bathing Biosposea cosmicafe BioSolair healing spots Everything renews under the sun' spa spa spa GIO Woodland omnisland SOLAROOF SOLAROOFRANCHISE SRF CAPITALCHEMY CAPITALETTERS SPOLEXIC omnilexic Omnidict. Omnicyclopedia Omnisaurus 42do 4 spo's solar park$ - business [ ] 1a. Draft initial outline of business plan for spo's stops +Sell sheets [ ] 1b. Nail down Spo's mission statement and values statement and vision statement [ ] 1c. Write prospectus for Spo's Stops / Sol-organic Restaurant ecofranchise chain! [ ] 2. Write the business plan and prospectus for spo's parks! [ ] 3. Write meta-business plan for sparkstops + Spoventures42's meta-prospectus [ ] Write pitch / execsumn >> business plan >> pitch deck/ elevator pitch [ ] 42do 4 spo's solar park$ - business [ ] Sports+Sustenance >> SOARING TESTOSTERONE & endogenous Steroids + restore rebuild endorphins/enkephalins/end I can a bin kids/braineurojuicy system!! Resync reward centers sposystems maximize oxytocin ==> enjoy Spontaneity/happiness futurevolution!, bakery, dry cleaners, buckeye stone flair flawn desserts spoffice spophisea phi psi spomerica monerica omnica multerica synerica domerica healchemy medical MoniSpo's stops / monispots monishops Future Businesses/Empresas to thrive with diversified future-focused investment (IMHO) information technology - evolving software - ubiquitous computing - robots - fiber-optics - 3D printers internet of Spo-Transportation - electro-magnets / self-driving cars smart shelters / domes / homes / castles / businesses / rooms / buildings / skyscrapers FOOD FOREST Franchise - The SunRoom Corporate Chain of Franchises! -Solaroofs biological energy: all food crops/staples - community gardens / community supported agriculture -agriculture / permaculture / biodynamic gardens / greenhouse aeroponics / hydroponics - hemplastics / hemphibers / hempolymers FOOD!! organics / veganics / grass-fed / natural / permaculture / edible gardens / polyculture local agriculture - polyculture - Worm castings (for integrated pest management) common and rare fruits and veggies and fungi and natural living products Examples: Coffee - Hemp - Flax - Oats - Granolas - Algae Cultivate the most valuable living organisms in humane eco-sea-stems eco-domes / spomes / biodomes / geo-domes / seadomes food forests / permaculture classes - sustainable real estate development WASSER - aqua -Dihydrogen Monoxide - H2O - EAU - AGUA - WATER - nutritious fresh mineralized pure water -desalination / atmospheric water generation solar energy - renewable/sustainable energy industry harvests the fusion energy of our Sun desert oases / atmospheric water collection (dehumidifiers) world ocean power - aqua-hydrosea-hygrocean energy -seawater greenhouses - seasteading low and high altitude wind energy hydrogen energy / fuel cells / alternative energy storages / tri-generation / co-generation all types of batteries / fuel cells / supercapacitors offshore oceanic-sea-power generation installations OGEC energy / Sea Energy / Fusion energy Fusionergy geothermal energy wastergy = waste energy = we are the wizards of nature's westerly wastergy plasmarc gasification = landfill mining ---> even PhiCell Phical matter Management /redistribution --> Waste (after molecular dissociation and separation) is Money and a good future investment waternut bars / nitroxygen bars / laughing bars / laughteargas bars PARADISE - tourism / travel / cruising to tropical islands (or simulation thereof) community centers, hospitals, hospices, nursing home, daycare, schools, therapy centers pharmaceuticals / neuroscience / telemedicine / telearning biomedical research - genetics robotics informatics picotechnology electronic cigarettes - herbal electromagnetic vaporizers replacing smoking and combustion COPPER alloys! for antimicrobial , anticorrosive, biocidal, sanitizing, aesthetic qualities Copperware / copper (bronze / brass) mouthpieces Precious metals - silver copper gold palladium platinum titanium rhodium - MONEY - metal assets Future Businesses to thrive with deserved future-focused investment: autobarcafedelivery --> omnispodelivery BuckAid Sposicles OmniMoniCaSeaWater electronic cigarettes COPPER alloys & of course precious metals vaporizers food forests / permaculture classes - sustainable real estate development Worm castings (for integrated pest management) Composts and super soils H2O - EAU - AGUA - WATER - nutritious fresh mineralized pure water all food crops/staples -agriculture / permaculture / biodynamic gardens / greenhouse American made products solar energy - renewable/sustainable energy industry harvests the fusion energy of our Sun low and high altitude wind energy world ocean power - aqua-hydrosea-hygrocean energy atmospheric water collection (dehumidifiers) seawater greenhouses aeroponics / hydroponics - hemplastics / hemphibers / hempolymers plasmarc gasification = landfill mining ---> even PhiCell Phical matter Management /redistribution --> Waste (after molecular dissociation and separation) is Money and a good future investment self-driving cars community centers community gardens / community supported agriculture domes / spomes / biodomes electro-magnets laughingasbars tourism organics / veganics / grass-fed / natural biodynamic producers rare fruits and veggies and fungi and natural living products fiber-optics evolving software robots / drones / A.I. / evolving systems OGEC energy / Sea Energy / Fusion energy Fusionergy Eco-cybernetic city = huge tower At the top >> technical equipment Rain water harvesting terrace heating and cooling system aerogenerators photovoltaic arrays and Charge control system natural wind flow green wall / room / hall / floor / ceiling / furniture / appliances / green pieces of furniture green devices / green countertops / green finishings / green island / green kitchen cross wall ventilation panel rain water harvesting wall green terrace evaporation from the water body at base of huge tower Spodeas 4 10 31 12 100% water crispurefreshing hemplastic - wetrainair Buck Aidsicles Pasta palace - omnispobarestaurant - foodrinkgarden franchise O.g.e.c. AquaTube SeaStems omniS words of omnis age Trash mining of rare earth elements crispurefreshments Under or over the weather Sexplosion OmniSnowball Omnisappliance Philo of the Therapeutae taught Pantaneus Spanx self made billionaire female no outside investment owns 100% of inc. what does omnispo mean? what does omnispology mean? what does spology mean? what does sology mean? Write The "What I Wish I Knew" book series be your own life coach stand on shoulders of giants by integrating/ --> integral theory / changing minds / wikipedia / encyclopedia / novelgy / transalchemy nobeliefs / erowid / discordian / transhumanism / psychologistic insights / intuition / sprezzatura kaizen you can't sit on the lid/edge of progress. or you will get blown to pieces / exploded - forbes quote if you have a dynamite idea, and if you assemble a cohesive/balanced/advanced/cooperative/wise/powerful/etc team, then you will attract investors, provided your team convinces/persuades investors of their capability to implement your business concept write manifespo 2084 --> describing combination of inventor's notebook, business plan, and 1) open source business plan --> spo-meta-franchise business trans-spo-meta-plan 4 beneventure 2) best-selling works of art & future literature - novels, songs, short stories, novellas, verses, films 3) futuristic science fiction (omnitopian / suntopian / benetopia / kaizentopia / solitopia / spotopia) spodea42 - bottom source --> heat lamps furniture --> water light sound lamps - sonic forest beneduction benevention We are designing the first location of a Solar Restaurants franchise chain. Surrounding each franchise location is a dedicated organic farm/aeroponic greenhouse/ nut+fruit tree orchard. This farm features a compost center and animal sanctuaries, as well as including aquaponic tilapia ponds. Each SolaRestaurant wields its integrated intelligent architectural systems to improve the environment. These systems catch rainwater and harvest humidity from the air. Each of our Solar restaurants embedded within a three dimensional, permacultural, perennial food forest generate solar power, harness wind power, use geothermal energy, and capitalize on the magical energy of biosystems (plants, animals, & even beneficial microbes like algae+yeast) with its food forest surrounding the solar powered restaurant. Once this eco-friendly franchise chain gets going, it will hopefully influence the franchise food industry towards the health of the earth- triple bottom line (People, Planet, & Profit$) . Hydraulic head is how we store power on offshore sustainable storage platforms. along with wind turbines, solar power systems, and bio-farms generate clean electrical power and green energy, desalinate ocean water for pure drinkable water, power seawater greenhouse production, clean up local water/air pollution, & provide an artificial reef around the base of the system for fish habitats within successful coral growth. Omni-Gravity Energy Conversion OGEC Systems - Ocean Gravity Energy Conversion (OGEC) System Cell Eau/Aqua/Hydro/Sea/Lake/Reservoir/River/Pond/Pool/Marine/Bay/Canal/ Four Crucial Strokes of an OGEC System Cell/Gravity Engine 1. Intake stroke in forebay/feeder/headrace at lake/sea/reservoir surface- Drink/Intake 2. Descendance stroke in penstock- Drop 3. power stroke at turbine- Digest / Burn 4. exhaust stroke in afterbay/tailrace at seabed - Divest/Pee/Excret OmniSeaWeather Motion omniseasweather - five elements of sustainable power all five elements = alkahest = manna = ether/quintessence fire - total incoming insolation = 140 petawatts = nuclear fusion air - systemic atmospheric circulation water - world's ocean circulation with tides included earth - 100 sextillion kilograms+ of gravity well and thermal core bio - pan-ecosystem (all lifergy) Atomic/Elemental Motion – Clean Power – Sustainable Energy Photonic motion = Solar NRG Air Motion = Wind NRG Wet-Air Motion = H2O ∞C NRG Life Motion = omni's Earth NRG ∞SeaGraviTubes Perpetual/Eternal/Limiteless/Unlimited/Infinite/Omni/Transfinite/Timeless ∞ Spo Sea Power = Super/Simple Specifications 6 types of marine energy for the shoreline sea tube system 1tidal energy = shoreline Tidal turbines (0-2 meters water depth) 2wave energy= floating powerbuoys (powersnakes) moored to seabed (Harvested from 2 to 10 meters water depth) 3ocean thermal energy conversion – Tropical Thermal Conversion Tubes (Harvested along Gravity Sea-C-Tubes 4Salinity gradient energy (osmotic power) – Not very powerful – Productive Desalinization is key, however 5ocean current kinetic energy conversion – -harvesting sun/wind natural sea currents’ kinetic/thermal NRG 6Gravity Energy - Artificial Current Conversion – Synthetic Potential Gravity Gradient Energy Storage of Energy Generated- Transmitted to shore as electricity -stored in compressed air chambers -stored in flywheels kinetic energy -stored in kinetic spring accumulators -Stored as raised heights -stored in above-sea battery banks -used to produce hydrogen from seawater through catalytic electrolysis -used to produce hydrocarbons from the CO2 in the air or biomass in water -used to produce pure water from seawater -used to condense water from the air albedomes omnispan We are our (life is, a) meta-meta-meta-molecular para-compound omni-system, forming ourselves out of the immediate environmental energies made of elemental atom association systems. we will create the perfect society through an alchemical magnum opus, allowing the universe to emerge in its best presence, giving us all gifts endlessly. god is omnitranspo-finite (infinite), just like omnispogodomes. the universe is infinite. our individual reality is completely finite, we are an insignificant portion, a infinitesimal ratio of the OmniSignificance. whose driveng theorem dream theo-rem bus Instead of relying on nature to provide the flow in lotic ecosystems we create a vertical electro-mechanical piping system and attached powerhouse in lentic ecosystems. we are only limited by Depth and Volume aka Head in meters and Flow in m3/s or cumecs. we can produce GigaWatts in a square kilometer of a deep lake positonable in every sufficiently deep waterbody - oceans/seas/deep lakes/reservoirs/bays/rivers OGEC harvests/exploits the intrinsic volumetric gravitational potential energy inherent in every landlocked waterway -lentic power is every waterbody which stores gravitational/thermal/mechanical/volumetric/inertial/momenta energy in volumetrical 3d spatial/1dimensional temporal gradients everything we need is right there. -the past is lotic hydro-power -the future is omnilotic --> creating lotic flow in lentic ecosystems inverted dam the potential gravitational energy of stored surface water at the atmosphericsweather-air-gas-vapor vs water interface by entering and descending the drop tube intra-penstocks the potential gravitational energy of stored surface water in the forebays transforms/converts into becomes now-falling water's kinetic energy. PE --> KE This continual conversion and accumulation of the surface water's potential energy to kinetic energy of the flowing water tumbling water molecules OmniSeaDragon OGEC Dragon uses principles from traditional hydropower plants in an offshore sea-bed anchored structure to use wave energy. Harvest hydro-gravitational energy throughout the depths of the OmniSea -->with OGEC SeaStems / SeaSpomes including helical wind turbines and solar TPV -->Purifying Valuable Minerals from the ocean Collect solar energy from the total planetary insolation -at 10,000 meters ontop of giant WinDomes- Harvest aero-dynamic energy from 0-10,000+ meters aka sea-level to the jet-stream --> with giant WINDomes - built/maintained with a swarm of UAV build-bots -featuring high speed ram air turbines and super-durable helical turbines -Centrifuging/Generating/Condensing Atmospheric Water Reservoirs at 10,000 m -dropping through OGEC turbo-gen technology- filtered and purified by gravity -10,000 meter Pelton turbines with 4 - 8 nozzles - RainPower / CloudPower - Pumped Storage Power Stations Grow vertical OmniBioShelters in SeaStems / Windomes / SeaSpomes / SeaDomes with integrated ecosystems producing every bio-product known to man start globalocalism --> omnishipping omnisposhipping produce everything on-site - decentralized omniproduction with 3D and soon 4D printers an alchemist strain investigating natural phenomena through the perennial philosophy permaculture + gardening + agriculture + farming + botany + plant biology + omnispomarketing the omni SPO Capi technological machine will become a smart liquid- an omni's entity surrounding and assisting human willpowers, an ever-evolving and improving omni-telligent environmental orchestration (consisting of the combined synergistic human cultural energies) dancing together with the powers of nature (theomnigod) ==> Simple equation ==> Us + OmniSearth = Our future we are all one anyway, we might as well cooperate as one as well, or else we can't create as much value i will save up enough to leave Columbus and start SpoSeaStemShips around the world in the warmest weathers and most optimal overall local environment through our entire history as a species (until just recently) Salt, Sugar, Fat, and in certain climes, Fiber were super rare and now they are available delivered into our mouths 24/7/365 florome and faunome - carbome another spodea - a standing chair that preserves posture yet stabilizes for writing on the go omniseatspillars spodea#4242 - an ultramultifunctional light pole + Closet pole + clothing hangers and coat hooks - air purifier - A/C + heater + smart potable dehumidifier + Internet connected + LED + projector + internal computer hdmi + usb + 3.5 mm audio inputs / outputs omnidirectional microphones many cameras OmniPlace - OmniSpace omni-functional productive omnispaces - 1. Social Interaction - OmniBar 2. Domestic Rejuvenation - OmniShearthome 3. Ecological Production - OmniSpoGen OmniMart OmniSmart OmniSmall OmniShop OmniStop OmniSpot OmniSport These OmniSpoSeaSpaces - all around the world in different sizes and shapes - These OmniSpoCenters rejuvenate the future OmniSearth built above the roads, on roofs, on lakes, on the ocean, below ground, to the clouds repair the balance / interchange / exchange between our Tech and Nature OmniSpoConsulting - Researching OmniFusion with every tribal group/clique/network/best friend to enrich them all their test as a collective is how to respond to the omnet amnet imnet iamnet omniSET omniset omni's ET omniet omniscopper materials of the future --> silk, copper, graphene, CNTs, ligno-cellulose, hydrogens, silver, gold (other PMs) bioglasstic, biopolymers, hempolymers artists might use silk as a transparent painting canvas (one which you could eat)! I want to make tiny silk micro-bubbles filled with every biomineral / biovitamin / biochemical / bioceutical necessary plant dyes (from tea or neon ones), that could be used as The possibilities are endless with Silk!! evan williams --> Spodea twitter TEASILK SILKTEA silkitea silkiest silkiestone silkstone omnislink omnislick omnislime omnisilk We are designing the first location of a Solar Restaurants franchise chain called Spo's Sparks Here is the basic concept: Connected to each franchise location is a dedicated ultra-organic super-farm featuring food forests, aeroponic greenhouses, tilapia ponds for aquaponic growing systems, composting sites and orchards with pick-your-own fruit & nut trees. In addition, the ultra-organic farm surrounding each restaurant includes kids' favorite place to visit after a healthy meal- an animal sanctuary blessed with a highly enriched environment for its inhabitants. Each restaurant sports intelligent architectural eco-systems to generate solar power, harness wind power & apply Earth's heat. Lastly, for our chain to benefit global and local ecosystems, each of our proposed solar restaurant franchise locations uses its solar electricity to continually power huge anti-pollution air-cleaning modules. These modules are composed of banks of huge air filtration systems that purify the air in our restaurant/farm; removing all heavy metals, toxic chemicals, bacteria/molds/viruses, coal smog, fossil fuel emissions, and so on. SpoSparks also operates water purification modules to clean the water of on-site waterbodies such as springs/wells/aquifers/rivers/streams/lakes/seas. The plants and animals enjoy breathing our uber-ever-fresh air and drinking our purified yet deliciously tasty vitamineral water. Embedded in the green of its own gorgeous poly-cultural organic ultra-farm, our solar powered restaurants ensconce within their own food forest designed by the perennial principles of permaculture and biodynamics, to maximize the magical energy of living biosystems (plants, animals, & even beneficial microbes like algae+yeast), with its food forest surrounding the solar powered restaurant. When the first farm+eatery location of this eco-franchise chain opens, it shall serve+deliver organic food 24/7. It's innovatively integrated eco-friendly business concept is quite novel and could potentially influence the food industry towards valuing the health of Earth's ecosystems. The best businesses today measure results on their triple bottom line (People, Planet, & Profit) . spome - solar powered omni material energy I believe we are all given the opportunities to change the world as radically as the Internet. I am predicting the future that you will invent the codes of something new under the sun that will change the 21st century forever. The real game-changers will solve the world's major problems requiring global cooperation in the forms of both private markets and socially beneficially actions. Collect the water from the air; distill seawater with concentrated solar energy. Build organic permaculture solar greenhouses. These are the first steps to Eliminate thirst and hunger (and most disease with a whole food=medicine, plant based, organic & non-toxic diet and drinks). Clean up every square meter of Earth's Lands & Soils. Clean up every cubic meter of the Earth's waterways (replenish aquifers). Create an integrated interface for fitting Man into Nature in a fashion which truly benefits both Man and Nature as ultimately a unified whole. This interface could be made out of advanced systems of countless different components- both living and inanimate. For pedestrian traffic shaping, fruit and nut production, air filtration, and oxygen generation on the borderline of the MAN:Nature interface- plant living trees/shrubs/flowers/yards/seedbeds biopolymers (silks, rubbers, hemp-polymers) with a seamless co-beneficial / symbiotic interface with natural eco-systems on High street and Broad at the state capitol - medical MMJ and Legalization Decided I would write a 16-42 page novellita in the genre of science fiction, describing from a historical perspective of the Smart-Cloud-Grid-Internet-Tubes…how our generation (millenials) saved the Earth from total extinction- thinking as a bioprocess engineer. We rejuvenated Hearth. Hearterra TerraSoluna Gaia Geo Gaea Seismo Removed toxic chemicals from environment. Remediated toxic sites. Halt all production and release of eco-toxins/bio-toxins. Stop all fossil fuel combustion- replace with electricity, biofuel cells, hydrogen economy -FUSION???? return to nature's way of agro-forestry, permaculture like milpas, solar powered omniculture -look to nature for lessons on how to thrive i sit here and marvel at the wonder of the living kingdom. everything is so complex, with so many layers, so many levels of the spatial hierarchy. space and time comprise are spacelessness here is what i know nothing plants are living_dpatterns expressed as responsive firmware nature's bio computers that respond algorithmically from our inputs and earth's processes once we figure out on a global scale - to maximize the diversity of our plant resources - to maximize th quality of our plant genetics, - to understand as much as possible about the living kingdom, including ourselves, we as a species will be alight. New state program = FSS free seeds senders - produce and distribute for free all locally growable (including greenhouses and even indoor automatic growing facilities) heirloom seeds of every single type kind varietal variety species genus known to horticulture/botany/plant sciences from the most common spotomato potomato potato + tomato to the rarest fruits vegetables nuts seeds oils extracts resins gums spices of plants and other sessile organisms known to man citizens will in turn give back some of their harvest to the state's welfare system Sell Organic Heirloom Seeds? Seedomes new state program after the plant motile organisms i am a government consultant!! I am an engineer COnsultant. I am a business millennial marketing consultant. I am a franchise consultant. I am a educational consultant. I am an employee of the omniconsultant- work for her and him. TBC…. my writing is on today like no other! start living in abundance consciousness and not scarcity consciousness. Plans / Predictions: As we build it, they will come, and the world will take stop and take notice. We Start in Ohio in the Heart of it all. BuckAid is our first product besides Ohio-water / ohighowater / high-water / heartwater cabrainwater. We are in process to Figure out how to link together everyone I can imagine into an extraordinary startup team. Together we grow an optimal Startup dream team with unlimited potential. Launching in Columbus then Cincinnati- and then we quickly dominate Ohio within the year. our uniquely modular business model for our ultrapersonalizable, omnicustomizable, super-modular, almost automatic franchise concept international franchises viral spreads like wildfire across the globe with our omnisposeastoneships. AutoBarCafeDeli VeryDelicious Eco-Franchise of the Solaroom / Solarium / SolaRoom / Sun Room / CosmiCafe / AutoBioCafeDelivery Integral Components of a successful startup (Keep it simplest Spo!!) Philosophy - Plan of Action - Prospectus - Pitch - Planet Products & Services - maximizing value - overdelivering - surpassing expectations - viral gratitude spreads Profit Generation - emphasis on exponential long term growth to leverage scaleconomics (triple or quadruple pi - people, planet, profit ; Financial; Environmental, Societal ; ) People / Partners- Funders, Investors, Executives, Partners, Employees, Consultants, Board of Directors Who will be lucky enough to be one of the original investors funding the start-up of revolutionarily new franchise meta-concept: SolaiRoofs / The Solaerium / Moneycomb ? The ever-renewing World-changing/rejuvenating business of the Juicy-StoneMasons -Fuck "do no evil." Our motto is "Do Good, Good Do, GooDo" To achieve what you're looking for, one has to align the mind and heart - the mind and heart need to become one. -> alchemical processes - great work --> Sacred Marriage - hierogamy - oeuvre is long work orx Philosopher's stone, Steps to transform lead into goaled gold midastyle, panacea, elixir, apothecary, aqua regia squeeze as much value / quality / love / goodness out of life as possible. a dash of super-thrive and a panacea. omnisolation sunlight shour - sunbath - sunpool - solshower - sunlight shower - light-shower - sunspout - solaroof The Sunroom / Solarium / Solaroom - Smart glass, light tube , day tube, solar tube , skylights, architectural light shelf, tubular daylighting devices, light tube, litracon, large diameter optical fiber, toplighting, sidelighting, transom, clerestory windows, bay windows, heliostats, fiber-optic concrete wall, atria, hybrid solar lighting, full-spectrum solar energy systems, plazas, cupolas, domes, belfries, spires, obelisk twonesilentsunnyspacelesstillnests omnisnowtime showtime omnisporeality Tri-Metaomnisposeamoniduality future contains the present Nows which contain all past moments... Even this ever-passing impossible to pause present moment contains all information from all past moments. future contains the present Nows which fractally and holographically contain all past moments energetic resultants as existence itself The goal is to find the opportunity that minimizes their exposure to their weaknesses and maximizes the utilization of their strengths. That’s what our evaluation process is for. nothing is permitted. Everything is permuting. Change is the only constant. Gnothi seauton! Kaizen! Yoga! Tai chi! Feng shui! Placebo ergo sum! Nirvana! Samadhi! Wu Wei! Theo-Mystica Mysteria Magica! Solve et Coagula! Panta rhei! Carpe Noctem! Onward & Upward!! What are your favorite esoteric phrases? my generation omnigeneration omnimonigeneration wants what we want when we want it, yes right here now is the now show for the world to see omnisage is here and the omnisporevolution proceeds with the smart cloud-space leading the way Intuitive generation, mini-shogi, spogi shogi monice omnice cartalk americadabra believe in yourself, trust your hunches, listen to the bottom of your heart know what you want in the bottom of your heart to the tip of your brain through the pull of your gut feeling, channel the passion in your intuitiveins omni-moni-poly-multi-pan-ultra-hyper-super-pro-bene-medi-cabella-pi/phi/psi - blackjacks Pi Phi Psi ==> Pi = triply/thrice profitable / Phi = beautiful fractal forms of nature / Psi = Wisdom of Inner Peace My triple business fraternity to restore the world's wildlife through humankind's collective actions. Each second blesses breath. Each Minute affords us 60 seconds. Each Hour offers us 60 minutes and 3600 seconds. Each Day offers us 24 hours, 1440 minutes - 420 sleeping = 1020 awake, & 86400 seconds. Each Week offers us 7 Days, 168 Hours, 10,080 minutes, & 604,800 seconds. Each Month offers us 30 Days, 672 Hours, 40,320 minutes & 2,419,200 seconds. + Each Year gives us 365 Days, 8760 Hours, 525,600 minutes & 31,536,000 seconds. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Carpe cada momentum!! SeizEacHoursecond & moment! -->High Time to read my own writing!! -->Seize Every moments' seconds. 1:42 PM Mastering The OmniMonoDuality Analog---->Digital Unity---->Duality Unconsciousness---->consciousness implicate order ----> explicate order ABCs ----> 123 objective ----> subjective zero ----> one Universe ----> I, ego, me, self Past ----> Future Space ----> Time OmniBeing ----> Nothingness Life ----> Death female/Phi-male ----> Male F ----> M Yin ----> Yang Brain ----> Mind Body ----> Soul Mother Nature produced each individual plant through three billion years of persistent re-invention. Thank goodness for Mother Nature's wondrous inventions, as the Positive Power of Plants will save the world from the fossil fuels of foolish animals. thelemic croplant Dear Flora, We write to thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Plantae. From the top to the bottom of our hearts, emphatically we express our gratitude! Thank you Mono-pedal / One-Legged Kingdom of Vegetative Life!! Love, El Fauna & The Fungi Each plant is a magical meta-computing bio-system produced by 3 billion years of re-invention by Mother Nature produced each plant through 3 billion years of re-invention Here Begins a Living Metaphor--> At last, our tiny seed sown in the spring soil sprouts its newly germinated taproot. We proud farmers watch in joy as its delicate stem pierces the soil and emerges above-ground. Fighting gravity with all its might, our teeny seedling rights itself toward the sun, then unfolds its first leaves so bright green and tender. Despite its weak appearance, these first leaves serve as the energy sources for our newborn yet thriving seedling. The leaves are made of fractal solar power plants using sunlight to construct the seedling's cellular networks of sugar, protein, and water. Each seedling grows into a useful plant. Mother Nature produced each individual plant through three billion years of experimental re-invention. During its lifetime, the plant produces food for us to eat, cleans our air of pollutants, produces fresh oxygen, absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and best of all, radiates the fundamentally positive energy of love. We Give Great Thanks to the Earth for Her wondrous evolutionary experiments that produced for us the one-legged plant kingdom. Now we realize that Plants sustain life on our planet. Life doesn't need us humans, but it needs photosynthesis. Gotta love those pleasurably productive days where everything finally falls into the right place!! GOOD WORDS vs Bad words of The Omni SpoSage goodomesageswingswordrugspacelesswordrugoodivinespomesticationicarbondingnosisnetworkingslayinyanspogodrugoesoneverendsevenderstallspacelesseamseedomestreesomesoulstalkinginthestreetsticketakersoldonkeysophisticatenationsnowshowingnosislimimesurgingseamlesssurgicaltheatersaltruckstrainsprayerspouroutubesystemporalspacespanswaysnotshopstopspotstabspunsandsoilscorescapingsoursconescopagescarescanstripstartsparkswordsmartstakesportstonestableshipsteamscrewsquidsheartsmileswarmscoldstarespeakslowstillstalesmearsunsweptsweatherealmaterialchemonomythicmysticism I'm lost in the OmniTriBiDimensional Moniverse. OmniLogy 1. Meta - Philosophy/Mathematics 2. Physics 3. Chemistry 4. Biology 5. Psychology 6. Sociology 7. Ecology 8. Geology 9. Sology 10. Milkology 11. Astrology The universe is the one objective process studied by every sobject. The universal entelechy is an auto-generating (capable of autopoesis) Higher Key, composed of superimposing, simultaneous, and ontologically co-dependent Energetic Processes, on every scale from the subatomic to the universal. we are a huge ball of earth water and wet-air being pulled around a a huger sphere of fusion nuclear fire, which in turn is being dragged around a gigantic quark star/dark matter / dark star milky's way whips sun which whips earth which whips its moon which whips the woman into bearing a newborn child, which whips trillions of cells, each of which whips trillions of atoms Divided Mind of Spirits Drive for Survival (security) Drive for Air (oxidative chemical of food) Drive for Shelter (protection from elements) Drive for Food Drive for Dihydrogen Monoxide Drive for Sleep Drive for Excretion Drive for Sexual Power (charisma, attractiveness, beauty, fitness, dual unity) Drive for Social Power (currency, support, friendship, recognition, intimacy, love) Drive for Play (competition, ritual, pleasure, novelty) Drive for Truth (imitation, ethics, memory, understanding) Drive for Purpose (meaning, drive, goal, honor) Drive for Creation (innovation, imagination, value) Drive for Immortality (Space Migration, intelligence squared, unlimited peak experience and growth, life extension) Anson drank to that, human primates, domesticated technomonkeys, we gain power based on hoarding information and technology that is beneficial to an ingroup. Biosurvival- opiate, mammalian- alcohol (gaba), (dopamine, Ach, Glu) rational- adderall, Will Ego reason- 4th circuit social sexual is ecstasy (serotonin and NE), 5th circuit is marijuana, 6th circuit is psilocybin, 7th circuit is LSD, and 8th circuit is ketamine/LSD Once we harvest wind energy, from the ground up to 50,000 feet, we can fuel all PIME transport efficiently. You ask, what is PIME... PIME is People Information Matter Energy What else is there? Let's go deeper... The Windomes, harvest the wind and solar energy in the wasted desert, producing electricity to fuel the OmniGrid Transport, which securely moves all Cars Freight Goods Water Electricity Information Light Refuse Biomass Air People Pets Heat Food Medicine. Then God is LIFE, because only sustainable systems stick around. Only Mass and Energy Vibrate. Organized by Structural Information Systems Consciousness is an illusion of light sound and touch. Our subjective reality may never know true Objectivity, because we are constrained by our neural Control system, by our DNA structural information system, by our RNA/Protein Transcription/Translation System by our Digestive Fuel system by our Respiratory Air System by our cardiovascular Work system, by our skeletomuscular Force system, by our immune Defense system, by our sexual Replication system, by our hormonal Endocrine system, by our waste Management system by our Integumentary Protective layers- skin, nails, hair by our energetic intake by our oxygen airbreath by our dihhydrogen monoxide preservation by our glucose fuel by our monetary supply by our family actions... o build/create a bountiful life for our progeny, what must we do? What must we do…? If we want our descendants to thrive in living abundance? If we want breathable air and drinkable water? If we want any fish to survive in the ocean? If we want our descendants to thrive in living abundance? If we desire healthy oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers? If we want to preserve animal species from extinction? If we want to grow healthy life-restoring crops/plants/trees, what must we do? To build a bountiful future life for our progeny, what must we do? Older people remember how much the environment has changed in their lifetime. Kids went from playing games in lush creekbeds packed with wildlife to playing indoors with Xboxes. Some ecologists explain that the sixth great phase of global extinction is in progress - Anthropocene. The globalocal eco-bio-geo-system will continue to accelerate its demise, unless we prevent it through a global eco-nomological Transformation into a form of Solar Sustainable permaculture capitalism. How long will we allow it to continue along the current path of disaster? Time is of the essence. If we do immediately not take drastic holistic action to restore Earth's ecosystems to vibrant health, then the air of our skies will choke our throats, and the empty oceans will gel into a caustic red-orange plastic jello paste. Our children's children will inherit Toxic Airs. Sickening Waters. Poisoned Soils. Diseased Trees. Desertified Forests. There survives No land mammals, birds in the Air, or Cetaceans of the Seas! Sickly Bees pollinate pesticide flowers. The cockroaches, insects, microbes, nematodes, & mutant reptiles will again dominant the chemically scorched Earth. These bleak prognostications are likely scenarios if the Millennials and the Baby Boomers can't turn this ship of capitalism into a solar sustainable permacultural capitalism. To say the least, the Millennial generation has its work cut out for it, Globa-Locally. We must become rainforest trainers! To provide safe spaces for our progeny Millennials must master the five elements of eco-medicine- like individual non-fiction Captain Planets. Five Therapeutic Elements OR Five Fundamentals of Eco-Therapy / 5 elements of eco-medicine 1. SUN/SPO - Collect Solar Radiation (sunlight) in all its breadth of Surface Area -Solar Power Organizing/Operating/Orchestrating Everything/Everywhere/Everyone 2. AIR - Harvest wind power @ every level from the ground to the heights of the heavens. -Lots of Volume in the gravitational / aerodynamic / thermal ground-to-sky gradient 3. EAU/SEA - Harvest water power gradient along the entire depths to the ocean floor. -powerful is the hydraulic / gravitational /electrochemical surface-to-bottom gradient 4. GEO - Remediate contaminated soils. De-plastify. Landfill mine. Remove space debris. -Re-green & Reforest8 Desert areas. 5. ECO/BIO Replenish destroyed ecosystems -Regrow barren lands with over-abundant & beautiful biomimetic Food Forests Purify the atmosphere. Clean bodies of wet-air in our cities. We must completely Detoxify the oceans. Purify all water bodies. Lifergy has been evolving for billions of years. Let us take lessons from it. concentrate on utilizing the principles of permaculture and natural organic agriculture Create spaces and places and ideas that are living, healthy, healing, thriving, abundant, ultra-biodiverse, biophilistic productive & balanced. Replenish biomes of ecosystems. Respect all higher organisms' right to life. Deify Trees as the divine greatest art-works on Earth. Re-cultivate Sea Forests (Giant interconnected Coral Reefs) Build Biomimetic / eco-mimetic / bio-tectural Spaces of Polyculture. Regrow Food 4$ts / Edible Gardens / Vertical Farms in every space of land. Regrow Food 4$ts / Edible Gardens / Forest Hearths / Vertical Farms Everywhere! Let us work with nature. Nature wants to work with us- just watch some Youtube videos! We halt Completely Stop all environmental toxification. Globally We Make a 180* turn & sprint in the opposite direction of sustainable individual, local, regional, global health! Stop burning old solar energy as fossil fuels, and start harnessing current solar income. @omnispo 2/14/2014 Remediate our contaminated soils/lands. Remove human poisons, heal, & re-humify our soils, sands, clays, loams, loeffs, & terra pretas. Restore wildlife corridors in such a manner that our automatic transportation grid integrates perfectly into biotecture, through the interactive convergence (b/t stone and soil) between architecture and life's eco-systemic envelope, our Biomimetic architecture therefore concentrates upon the creation of a biotectural interface for the individual life-form (animal or plant), as well as permacultural polycultural production. I feel a social responsibility to at least do what we can to reverse the trends. Do we not pursue prosperity and abundance for our progeny? Gravity pulls everything down towards the meta-centers. Let us bend the course of history, before entropy and gravity conspire to doom the ecosystems of Earth. Let us bend like a trim tab the course of humanity's flagship! We are the cloudoctors of the Earth. See you all along the way! Here are the first 7 mountains of need--which are the first 7 steps of 12 steps.      Significant Contributions to:      1. improving air      2. improving the water      3. improving humanity's energy      4. improving humanity's love      5. hope      6. improve humanity's shelter      7. improve the soil Solving the following Problems for triple top-line/bottom-line profitability (people, planet, profit$) Pure Water Healthy Food Clean Electricity - (Lighting + Heating/Cooling) Medical Care / Sanitation system Internet connectivity / Virtual Education About 1.42 billion people- aka 20% of the world's population, live without electricity (for lighting and heating/cooling) 1-2 billion people lack consistent access to fresh/clean/pure and uncontaminated drinking water 1+ billion people go hungry everyday while plenty of food goes to waste Everyone and everything is everyone and everything, at the same time, and for all time. meister eckart "There is nothing in the world except empty curved space. Matter, charge, electromagnetism, and other fields are only manifestations of the curvature of space." (John Wheeler) omnispace 0mn14$2b5 0mni4s2b$ omniseastem Omnisposeaship The omniseastonerevolution The world ocean is the omnisea "Live more and more in the Present which is ever beautiful and stretches away beyond the limits of the past and the future. Follow your bliss, life is a memory The moon and entire sky are reflected in one dewdrop on the grass. -Dogen Five severed fingers do not make a fist. -Daniel Quinn To see the world in a grain of sand and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour. -William Blake If the doors of perception were cleansed all things would appear as they are, Infinite. -William Blake To know all things, learn to know nothing. To possess all things, resolve to possess nothing. To be all things, be willing to be nothing... The past was the most beautifulucked up experiment The present is a miracle omnisnow omnishow omnishop omnisip The future is omnispouredomes albedome sarasrana ajna Lets apply to the future what we relearn everysecond May the Forest be with you! Moni4$2Bs petalotus SPOGE Conversion = Solar Powered Ocean Gravity Energy Conversion HydroSolAirEarthSpomes / HygroSolAirDomes S.P.O.G.E.C. has positive environmental externalities (purifying waterways & cleaning airway/atmosphere) Produce everything of economic value in a duplicable permacultural franchise. 1. 100% pure water six sigma eau omnisea agua aqua DHMO H2O 2. Sustainable / Renewable / Anti-Pollution / Carbon-Free Electric Power 3. Every type of Viable Food, Valuable Feedstock/Fiber, and Natural Product known to man -Carbohydrates, Proteins, Oils, Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients, -essential amino acids, dietary fiber, Lipids, Phytochemicals, medicine, dyes, cork, latex, -Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Spices, Grasses, Grains, Legumes, bioFuel crops, Oils, Waxes -Staple crops, cash crops, bioresins, honeys, gums, beverages, flowers, wood, 4. Unlimited top-quality Products & Services - soaps, paints, shampoos, perfumes, cosmetics, turpentine, rubber, varnish, lubricants, linoleum, plastics, inks, chewing gum and hemp/flax rope, industrial chemical feedstocks wastewater treatment 5. Unlimited Local Employment (Good JOBS!!) 6. OmniFunctional Information Centers of InfoMatergy Cycles - OmniSpome / BioShelter OmniTherapies - Sports, Horticultural, Ecology, Social, Food, Meditation Writing the future one thought at a time, one breath at a time, one letter at a time, one word, one sentence, one paragraph at a time, one step at a time, writers are like the combination of a criminal doing what he can get away with and a bird, building a nest with tiny twigs from many different trees. SIMCHA YASHAR RASHI AMOTZ and AVISHAG ZAHAVI - the handicap principle omniKOSHER Whatever you can vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass." Paul J. Meyer patience and a strong backbone persist with passion From a little spark may burst a mighty flame. rising all boats to the sun infinity is zero in the mirror psychoMathematically electromagnetically physico-chemical biology Omnilocal area network, omniconnection He who has the power of ideas, has the power of gods Manifold system for liquid distribution,  measurement, and control Where it is is what it is. Omni’s pipe system, welcome to the omniage You have just begun walking Omni’s path of puzzling mystery the only thing that matters is education resonant coupling, in which two objects tuned to the same frequency exchange energy strongly but interact only weakly with other objects Omni’s park omnizone omnisteam sit on the Omniseat, dances with omnisToday, I gained control of myself, for the first time in my life. I realized the philosophy of OmniPositivity inside the OmniGuardentity. I realized that this life is what I make it. I realized that everyone must make continuous psychoices through our psychutes and psychannels as we progress through neologistic momeventities. Until my first breath, I will cherish every second of experience. We are so lucky to be here. We will transform this planet into paradise in a year. Listen as I tell you how. Close your mind and think with your heart. Each human is so valuable. Our heart is the engine that drives the universe. Our brain is the mind producing biocomputer- the most complex organization of matter in the universe. Our DNA is a genetic code programmed to pass on the accumulated magic of life. It is a shame that we live in such primitive times, in which we have not realized the eutopia we deserve. All it takes is IME transport optimization. Money does grow on trees. Welcome to Omni’s age! What!? I can hear you say. Not Who is Omni? What is Omni? Omni is us. Omni is everything. We are stuck in OmniPhysicality. Hating me for overusing omni won’t take away from the everliving nature of the Omni’sPoint Energy. Growserious Realize your power, OmniJedi. You are everything that exists, under the Holographic law of being. Resonate your knowledge with infinity. My words are for no one but myself. I cannot write for you. Only you can right yourself. I am left here exposed on the page. I do not contain my ecstatic euphoria. Why should I? I believe the universe is playing with itself, objectively simulating subjectivity. Everything I intake is sacramental. Everything I expel needs a little refining before it can be sold, in the mutating morphing waste transformation business. Make them pay us to pay attention to their realities. The only thing that matters is your consciousness. I have sacrificed everything to bring you the brutal truth of nothingness existing Everywhere. Nothingness is holy. Black holes are really just dark stars, the driver of the galaxy, as the sun drives the solar system, and the earth drives the geosystem, the omnisystem drives the ecosystem, and and the human drives the body system, and the heart drives the circulatory system, and the cells drive the Heart, and the mitochondria drive the cells, and the proteins drive. The White Holes are the drivers of omniverses. Learn the Omnologic sentence if you want to keep up with me. Philosolphically coming from the left I write here to right the maths of bio-physical psychemistrying to sociologically ecophix Earth. I will figure out the codes even if it takes me my whole life to leave the duty to my teachers my brain dump. thanks for humoring me. . Instead, they can be thought of as being both a one and a zero simultaneously, which allows a quantum computer to explore many solutions at the same time. We are Infinity consciousness, unity beyond duality. Know that when you look into my eyes, you are viewing yourself, for we are all of the same essence, Infinity we are. a checking account with a balance of (infinity). long term mutually beneficial relationships rivers of electric plasma energy flowing the magic of free willed conscious action If this is holographic universe plugged with holographic brain, the whole thing maybe God's holographic dream. Omni-Committed to what I want. Omnicaractor I work now to right this writings in my computer while shut in this concrete bunker of a room, instead of taking my dog verdel outside, oh I can’t stand it, I need the sunlight, hear I go breaking rules for my own time, and I must not waste the opportunities to squeeze more meaning out of my life. Breathe with me .... Breath of the Divine ... Manna of the Universe ...In oneness we entwine Omni24Ward the middle of nowhere and the center of everywhere. Omnis have taken control of you mind. It is when you are connected to the universal source energy, aka God. So they introduced the myth of the 'devil' and duality. Could 'Truth/Reality' be the sum total of all 'Perspectives'?) What is the best use of my mind time? evolution of conciousness both mental, physical, and technological, that we will not eventually become the ultimate creators... the ones who literally design and shape our world, to have the power of god. the idea of a whole enormous mass of these sparks gathering and coalescing into one unified ember of pure Mind is not far fetched in the least. Isn't this Kurzweil's 'Singularity' too? Information organizes itself to create higher states of organizations. Those created higher states can then create even higher states. It is fractal and infinite in nature. We are the most organized structure in the universe that we know of, and we spend our time organizing the environment to potentiate energy use or the further organization of energy. From a holistic perspective, in which all things are interconnected in countless subtle ways, an individual does not get to choose what influences come into her life. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter. OmniSpring OmniStart it is scary being a scientist, I love my family, honesty is the treasure of states, you have only tasted the beauty that life has to offer those who continuously create themselves, we are 50 trillion cells in a bodily symphony, omniphony, omniche, omnicliche, OMNUMAN – Omniland, omnitopia, omnifinite, omnaffinity, omnight, omnimechanical, omnilaw, omniciple, omnicycle, omnific, omnichemical, as a man thinketh, insoluble, words control our internal representation, omnilevel, omniroad, omnigood, omnoble, omnistic, omnihilist, omnism, omnurse, OMNo!, we are the knights of OmNi! Omnivoid omnigasm omnorgasm omnivoice omnipact omniature omnibase omnilocal omniest atomni atronic atropic omnilexis omniphasia omnization omnicle omnothing, tempressure, omnemotion, realunreal, physicalvirtual, analogdigital, omnency omnalog, omnirtual, omnitative, omnity, omnivity, omnilastic, omnisolvation, omnilytic, omnitect, omnicile, omnollow, omnify, omnify OMNIFIED! You have been OMNIFIED! OMNISTEM omnithetic, omniledge, omnichain, omnibble, omnewal, omnimax, omnimix, omnuid omnibubble omnine omnibrane, omnitrix, omniline, omnircle, omnerve, omniserve omnition, omnable, omnike, omnose, omniterm omnitaxis omnaxis omnasty omnicrit omnicyte 4dtime3dfrequency, glycogen is a glucose polymer ONLY WE ARE THE ONES CHOSEN BY GOD TO LEAD omnacious omnitact omnegy omniation omnidote omnicure omnovial omnientation omniscent omnescent omnimission omnition omnual omnality , less is more bring some chicks, crashed looking at the blonde, we are defined by death but live life worried about things that won’t matter flying on this rock, all is omnemotion, 10 cents per pop can 65 cents a pound well how many per pound its hard to say all about transport, universe is just IME transport, Making learning easy, staying by the keyboard because I don’t want to lose ideas, that’s why I invented omnitype, I love when spel check corrects for you automatically, I want body check to do that for your body what the computer’s programs do for itself, but wait we copied lots of nature’s tricks, but theres too many to count, the nitrous oxide broke don’t worry its all its all zeros and ones ons and offs,you gotta die, most people don’t want honesty, those people who do, shouldn’t lead the state, the conflicted opposites produced a beautiful hybrid of DNA and protein, solar ignition, mock set up, air is a dielectricbroke broke the blood brain barrier, melted into the floor, words are cheap, what do you really want? Who are you talking to? Is anyone listening? InformationEnergy you don’t dictate my reality, I accept yours and adapt my own Its omnigood god, omniphotonic, omnizeta, omnitential, omnipheral, omnatural, omnatomy, cytoskeleton, omniskeleton, cytomni, omnicancer, omnivirus, omnipression, god made us from omnigood, omnizone, omnigel, omnitain, omnirus, omnitein, omnibody, omnitram, omnythymic, omnigenation, oxygenation, omnicave, omnutrient, omentropic, omnextropy, omnidynamic, omniforce, omnithermal, omnientation, omnihedral, omnisorption, omniface, omnidelic, omnividual, omnichair, omniture, omnitiual, omniversible, omnisport, ominsporitual, omnispirit, omniflower, omnihesion, omniplasma, omnilove, omnimal, omnifilter, omnoman, omnall, omnow, omnifuture, omnipast, omnipresent, omnipattern, omnifuel omnirain, omnibility, omnistorm, omniguy omnitree monegg omnifriend omnicredit omnifuel omnifire, omniphase, omniphage omnisage, solar key, omnormal, one age’s normality is another’s sickness, mangle, omnifusion, omnipple, omniteat, omnicular, omniblood, omnivein, "Those who would say that one man cannot make a difference, are secretly living in constant fear of that one man." -Unknown Hydrogen Carbon Nitrogen Oxygen, Interomni, omnistitial, Structure=function, omniment, omnisweet, omnisugar, omnifree, omnicode, ultromnia, ultrastructure, omnistructure,thank god for omnibloom for inventing omnology, omnigroup, electromni, omnineutral, omnihair, omniphonic, omnifore, omniphirc, omniforation, omnificial, omnicliche, omniredundancy, omniphyte, halomni, esteromni, omnigreek, the PROMNIcom, omniparty, we are all omniperty of the omnicapitalis, he holds the ultimate alluvial title, omnymology, etymology, omnimoderate, omniphasic, omnidensate, Omnithree, endomnic, omnitosis, neutromni, three lobulated neutrophilic, omnispician, omnegate, omnagician, omnigician, omniradical, omnitaneous, omnisensitivity, omniREASON, omniLOGIC, omnirational, omnoderate, zymogenic, omnihensive, spreading star seed, omniseed, omnispore, omnidimensional, omniversal, Absolute Three, omnorganism, microbial, micromni, omnano, picomni- think small, I wish I had something to read or watch while I am in line, alimentarius, omnitensor, Roy McAlister who is, Diomnia, OmniTUBE, endolumen, omnilumen, OmniToma, How small can you think? How big can you think? Dominant, omniordinate, Omniphilic, omniphobic, omniglue, omnigap, omnikolla, Its all about our connection to the universe, finding the gems of wisdom amid the tons of shit, realizing you know very little, solicitous, SOLVABLE ARE YOU GETTING THE HINT? OmniVisual, I’m not individual, im an OmniVidual, That is a truly awesome concept, and as usual it results by making something far simpler, not more complex. Ultimate Frisbee sidewalks in the oval, SOLAR HYDROGEN CIVILIZATION, camshaft, hemispherical, omnypire omnipyre, 77% efficiency, 100% efficiency, People stealing my jumba, fire up your brain spoey I need an idea Gaba hits dopamine on the brain tree, the car is a dangerous noisy public place , silence with the rare car coming this late at night from 2nd shift, lightning running through my veins, dip into some mystery, knowledge is painful, power is painful, INFINITY to the ZEROETH POWER = ONE, OMNISPO, immanentism the omnibank decides our worth in omnitopia, omnitron, omnibot, they control every moment of life change intersections from negative confrontations to positive beneficial beneficient intra sections - overroad gardens, roadtop farms, roadomes, road-arches road lawns, mow the roadlawn roadtop gardens - railroad terraces - roadway biofuel-farm - intersection garden need to write the omni goals 1. lets omnistalk i am here with omnisaid you are not in omnishell omnisposhall create the omnispacedome garden from nothing omnismills omnispills omnismells omnimerica omnispomerica omnispomerica has been built on illegality omnisurname omnisportmanship omnisalesman of omniscane spoof omnisunspot forget the omnis scope the omniscape spantograph omnispanda omnishotzone omnismyth omnismith omnispear omnishakespear omnispomedia schmedia omnisparker omni scarscon spomona omnismat omnislower than omnisue i am the omnisagent i wish omniscannon was still alive omni is your name you are omnisagent omnisagentleman slabel stint omniscrum omnistyle omnisandy omnisand omnisan omnisa omnis omni Omnispometaomnispomni omnijentity omnijectivender Omnijective gives rise to objective which gives rise to Omnispawns The Omnijective omnisender  Creates the omnisobjective entity, ja who creates the objective universal entity, eva Who spawns the omnillusion omnispolusions of separate subjective beings, us Who eventually realize our ultimate unity integrity probity and thereafter engender The omnispojective omnispomenderstone LIQUID MAGIC - fluid OSpoMonicaMagic aquamid aquamedic OmniStale of our favorite water molecule's 4 billionth birthday (not safe for work- NSFW) Be forewarned, this is a children's horror story for adults' inner children, so unless you enjoy sleepless nights pacifying their nightmares of nonsense, For OmniSake, please hide your children now, before reading this novellitale, This is the typical day in the life of a water molecule (of two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen center) mickey mouse ears. the atoms float upward, till the lucky one finally reaches the surface, and feels for the ten trillionth time (or first time) the sunlight pulsing its H-ears, and the refreshing wind contracting his atOxygenic-body just as he prepares to relax on top of the googolplex of water molecules below him, right as he stretches out his Walt Disney Ears, at the interface of the air, wet-air (water), and an algae's liquid crystal cell membrane, the omniSink sucks him through its filtering mesh and down he goes toward the bottom of his omniStube he careens, colliding with every OmniFlume turbine on the way down, his brave descent generates an infinitesimal amount of electricity, yet he doth not complain, even as the omnitube finally drops off his polar H2O body at the bottom of his OmniSpool reservoir, where he finally catches shut eye sleeps for a good twenty four minutes in that spacious container, before the omniSpool opens its doors and opens its contents to the omnisea, so violent/forceful is the instantaneous onslaught of the bathymetric equalization, that the OmniSea's pressure severs his hydrogen-ear still he is only grateful to exist in the glorious omniseau, i c u, i o u, omnisporeally! and he consoled himself, that while searching for a replacement hydrogen-ear, at least he could form transient hydrogen bonds with other polar molecules, a temporarily satisfactory solution he recalls what a day he had had. this day made his millennia!! one for the ages, for him at least. then he remembers how far he was from the sol-air surface weather at sea level don't worry kids, with optimum luck, and endless effort against gravity (and assuming the elderly, more jaded, water molecules' laziness/complacency/apathy) unless it rides inside a fish ascending for air, our watery friend must likely wait another few million years, But ewe and EAU and eye all KNOW how lucky we are to have him as a part of our seacycle/aquacycle/omni's EAU!! sometimes he felt like the only individual among all his water molecule brothers i want to be a billionaire in 2-4 years, afterwards achieving my business goals, I shall relax and travel the world, all the while designing/inventing/travelling/organizing/selling/helping our hydrogen cars pump pure water into the ocean - spoverwhelming under/over down-up omnispolar v shaped top of the ocean/sea is a mirror omnisleap sleeper - violet violender omnisweat her omnisweather omnispoweather sweat her weather there we at there We all participate in the endless OmniMovieShow for ourselves and OmniSpoMestica, writing The OmniSpo'S Tale, baking in the oven of OmniCook/OmniChef, freeze-drying fragrant fruit flowing down flumes in our present society, most of all economic activity is determined by money (capitalization/monetization) Know who your audience/market is, before constructing your marketing communications. Everything is part of The OmniSea's Business. alchemy performed with the four elements my greatest fears - heights, depths, and badrugs - when blessed by the elements sun, wind, water, earth, and life's spirit, provide the form the basis of what will save the world in the future we will charge our cell phones through our omnispodoctor omnispomedic OmniPhysician This book is tailor-made to become a movie. It is the OmniShowStale written on the OmniSpoStone. as you swim away and farther out into the OmniDeadScene of Badrugs the waves get bigger the water level rises omnisealight omnisealight its the omniseacycle OmniSlash OmniSway OmniStake OmniScape OmniScope OmniScare OmniSware OmniSlake OmniSpore OmniSpout OmniSPort-age omniSWELL OmniStable omniShour OmniSpoStone OmniSpomeStone OmniSolAirWeatherStone OmniSolAirAquaStone OmniHygroSolAir OmniSpoof OmniSprightly omniscannon of nitroxygen omniscanon omnistale omnislate omnisputter Ultimately, we can extrapolate a move towards infinity in all directions: infinite creativity, infinite consciousness, infinite intelligence. mecca partake eden - the quantity determines the quality - HEATHEARTHEARTH lightecho Integrated Modules Seen Tapping - Scene Seaing Tapping bestone Writing about OmniMerica and OmniSPomerica and Spometaomnispoda, and even the Omnited States of Spomerica. Now all my focus falls fully upon the following: Pulling out all stops to launch these ventures/franchises/products/organizations/teams. Until further notice, my personal writing hobby will become an eminently quotable copywriter and business plan writing virtuoso. I am not going to become a billionaire through a lame autobiography called Manifespo and an utterly diseased disaster of an OmniSpoTrilogy. futuristic trends to remember: automation virtualization continuous exponential improvement/evolution/development/ attentional energy focused concentration Compression / Condensation telepresence (remote-control) OmniCapable spinning synapses spinning cells spinning people spinning cars spinning turbo-generators on a spinning globe aka the OmniSearth orbiting our spinning sun- Sol orbiting the milky way galaxy center orbiting the virgo supercluster orbiting the omnicluster's white hole aka universe's source orbiting the spinning multiverses orbiting the TWONE OmniMoniVerse the human body itself is a hydraulic-pneumatic-mechanical-electrical-thermal-chemical wonder. it has an incredible array of special purpose pumps, blowers, valves, conduits, filters, seals, thermal insulators, liquid containers, air handlers, force and motion devices, heat exchangers, evaporative coolers, lubricators, shock absorbers, omnisensors, temperature detectors, thermal regulators, acceleration controls, verticality indicators, lightwave analyzers, noise locators, sound producers, odor identifiers, tastes, chemical processors, and waste removers. to say nothing of the brain's built in logic, RAM, and adaptive control systems electrohydraulic Electrohydraulic Applications That's the good news. 1. Capitalism is the strongest system in this dynamic universe. 2. Together as 7 billion humans - the Market has no limitations 3. The Market will learn and grow to be a flawless Network 4. This flawless network, an OmniGrid, will have many names 5. It will serve the OmniMarkets of the Cities 6. Everything will be automatically green light optimized 7. ZeroDimensional transport – No Red Lights 8. OmniLogistical Optimization 9. No Intersections 10. MoniCanvas Everything on Planet Earth is in divine order. We live in a purely creative and infinitely connected society... The Universe is just a canvass to our deepest and most life sustaining thoughts, imaginings, experiences and our self-imposed & realized beliefs are what manifest our fathomless and most beautiful desires omnismiles omnispotions That’s 5 billion thoughts in a lifetime, work your knowledge, pain is power, power is work, work is responsibility, responsibility is experience, experience is supernatural, I have heard articulate speech by sunlight! I have heard a ray of the sun laugh and cough and sing! ...I have been able to hear a shadow and I have even perceived by ear the passage of a cloud across the sun's disk. You are the grandfather of the Photophone and I want to share my delight at my success.    ” —Alexander Graham Bell, in a letter to his father Alexander Melville Bell, dated February 26, 1880 Key SpoDea Characteristics OmniFunctional, OmniCustomizable, Ultra-Personalizable, Auto-Configurable Ever-Improving/Enhancing/Evolving/Rearranging ------------------- i / phi / e / pi  ---> OmniSpoRighting (OSR)         A. First Novels - OmniTrilogy         B. Autobiography=Manifespo ------------------- 0. the OmniSpoMedia - Healing the world one byte/wave/curve/word at a time. OmniSpoRadioStations          HeartHydroSolAir Heart of the Heart of the Heart of  it All OmniSpoSeaStoneWebSiteSportals         Teledynic/Telepathic Meta-Communicative OmniTransportation        1.  Ocean Gravity Energy Conversion (OGEC) Systems     -SeaCastles / SeaScrapers / SeaStems     -Natural Storage Hydro-Electric Power Stations     -Aqua/Omni Gravity Energy Cells 2. OmniSpoSicles - Buck-Aid - OmniSpoWater         -Extended Release VitamiNutrients         -Cure hangovers/headaches/ 3. OmniSpoFranchises - Owning Omni Tropical Islands         -OGEC systems ==> Micro to Mega         -H2Oasis, Solar Mushroom, Hygro-Sol-Air Domes         -OmniSpomeBar/AutoBarCafe/OmniSpoRestaurant/OmniSpoDelivery Robot built OmniSea Hydro-Sol-Air WinDomes         -with one million 1 MW wind turbines     -patent the high altitude/high speed wind turbines which double as water generators         -Channel the generated water 2 miles to the ground through OGEC systems         -Cloud/Atmospheric/Meteorological Storage omnispocars for land Bio-Rainbows - Layers of human-powered transport structures above the Road     -Eliminate automobile and pedestrian accidents     -Preserve the sunshine for those not barrelling in a deadly device at 60 mph         -The vehicular tunnels underneath the Bio-Rainbows illuminated by solar-tubes     -Intersections are replaced by Sunlit Overpasses/Underpasses omnisposeaships for sea omniplane for air omnirockets for outer space Reconfigurable furniture- omnistones Omny all in one device- phone,   -Featuring projector, laser keyboard, triple sized ergonomic keyboard, roll-out display,     millions of apps, forward + backward compatibility, loss-prevention omni-stickers Biologic Architecture: Building the "FRACTAL FIELD" Serves Everything Alive - ReInventing Architecture Using the Electrical Symmetry of Biology Vladimir Nabokov, “life is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness” Only perfect balance reverberates inpouring chaos Seething sea thing By these business Omniscar company Omni bardome Omnisponet sociAlnetwork Omnisposicles Omnisportable Omnistations duo harmony Omniparty pizza palace Omniskin Irish lemniscate and triskele see spirals of light like a slinky converging on a funnel,and each stream becomes many voices and a babble of many worlds and tongues. Entity therefore eternal infinity Mixed media oil . Zerospace transparent collage mural Portrait drawings epitomizing beauty I'm ur favorite drug Omnisharp sink or swim money is real to me The quality of spirit creates the quantities of materials Omniscapes / futurescapes episodes on the science channel HD miku kakoh 1. technological telepathy - smart houses - efferent copy - magnetoencephalograph MEG / EEG electroencephalography 2. human level A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) - robots with rights - neurogrid 3. biological immortality - sirtuin - telomerase 4. transtheology / spodealogy - creating life - uploading your brain copy 5. Galactic champions conquering the universal span of existence 6. omniSPO The universe is the omnidrug Omnispocontent it's all about how things r arrAnged Hello Alpha and David, Welcome to Omni’s Mess Age of OmniSmear Here you are, Mandy. A document of cherry picked quotes straight from chaos itself. I work for OmniPositive OmniJustice, in the face of Nothing and Everything. Featuring continual improvement of Moni vs Omni We are both matter and spiritually (individuality) conscious. Consciousness Awareness Time and Space Duration and Distance "The giant oak is an acorn that held its ground."--Anonymous April 20th was the day I started writing the OmniChrist book about OmniSmith and Violet in the amazing futures, I wrote the omnitranscapitalist manifesto, and I conceived the omnibook of OmniPhidance of Omnisear. OmniPhilasma OmniPlasma April 22nd was the day I started writing the OmniSage of OmniPrinciples of omnibars in swindomes of omnisology in omniponics. I am OmniPositive of my OmniPersonality. I am Phine and singing a tune for your worthy ears to travel through. It’s Omni’s Politics, organizing all these resources, and choreographing all the processes. I look forward to work as I create my consciousness for the only valid reason. Delivering the Omni’s Good Rugs throughout our OmniCapiTogetherDome What is the dome? The dome dominates the economy. Its apex is 5 miles high. Its diameter is 20 miles. It is made of almost unbreakable carbon composites. It features billions of frictionless wind turbines to drive the silent, frictionless transport of the surrounding country. As the OmniGiver of society, it takes wind and sunlight and produces clean whatair and perfectly cooked food. And it regenerates aesthetic shelter, unlimited electricity to power all social transport, pure water, and every sort of Earthly animal plant fungi and beneficial microbe. It combines every beneficial technology, process, and business. It is the place where the artificial intelligence will automatically regulate everything atomatically. Where is this OmniDome? There are twenty of them that sprung up around the globe. As fast as we can spend, the OmniDome obliges.  Let’s help Omni play with herself. 'The power of imagination makes us infinite. Are the benefits any good The OmniSwindomeBar When reading this book you will be faced with omnilanguage, that means you take a concept to its highest level. Give the OmniServer/OmniVendor at the OmniStation of the OmniStore of the OmniDome your OmniTender, and it will organize the transport of your PHIME. Everything good at the right place with the right people. Omnicook- combine the right ingredients in the right place at the right time in the right way with the right people in the right dishes.with two players always interweaving we can change the world with our finger tips of our mind-tongues Social Myelination, Increasing the Net worth of our intelligenowome network Self- Constructing buildings using the seAtmosphere (Earthair) and for feedstock mattereels Nitrogen from N2, Oxygen from H2O and CO2, OmniPresent OmniMatrix Malakahari compowerd compowunerd compowernud comperuhe Benefits of the present Invention - produced by harvesting The OmniSea Gradients electrical generation/production/storage/regulation, desalinization, sea salt production, water purification, pure water production, hydrogen production, mineral extraction, aquaculture for food production, heat production OmniSeaDome = SeaScraper = OmniShip = OmniSpome = OmniSeaStem SpoStone = SpoSeaStone = SpoSeaShip = SpoSeaScaper = SeaScaper Auxillary/Complementary Systems for HydroPower Sources along with OGEC system 0. Complementary Systems for OGEC Systems like Auxillary/Secondary Penstock/Powerhouse 1. Gravitational Water Vortex Turbine at bottom of forebay, connected to the top of the penstock, and afterbay 2. Hydro-Kinetic Helical Turbines - Gorlov, berkatina, and HyDro throughout Penstock (power pipe) 3. Oscillating Water Column (OWC) air turbines in afterbay (or above the primary forebay) -connected to plenum equalized with the atmospheric at neutral air pressure also connected to the compressed air manifold for forced air cooling generator 4. Pelamis Wave Converter on the water surface near the primary forebay 5. Hydrokinetic Current Turbine on seabed adjacent the secondary afterbay 6. Thermal Energy from Machine Hall Machines -Turbine/Generator/GearBox/Transformer/Switchyard Waste Heat Byproduct -Thermal Desalinization or Rankine cycle for Electricity or Coastline Heating -vacuum distillation, multi-stage distillation, evaporator, reverse osmosis 7. OmniBioPonics - vertical aeroponics and aquaculture/mariculture 8. High Altitude Windomes (Dehumidifier helical wind turbines) on robotically constructed spomes/domes 9. Pumped Storage Aqueducts above Sea 10. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion = O.T.E.C. 11. Salinity Gradient Power (Osmotic Energy) 12. Hydrogen Production and Storage 13. Compressed Air Production and Storage 14. Huge Self-Maintaining Battery Banks 15. Ultra-Super-Capacitor Banks --> Carbon graphene/nanotube energy film 16. An Array of Appropriate Fuel Cell Banks 17. Solar --> Concentrated Thermal and Photovoltaic 18. Human/Animal Generated Mechanical Energy - Umergy Futuristic Technology 19. Hot/Cold Fusion The Perfect additions to an AGEC submarine power plant 1-windomes 2-biochambers 3- water condensing/purifying 4- human interaction transpace - architectural design OmniFocus on OmniSpoSeaSTEM'S Tubes My Favorite ten startup venture ideas besides the initial OGEC/AGEC/EGEC system (spodeas) From the Top to bottom, In order by the amount of start-up capital required / physical size of the product 10-OmniGridomenetwork - as the noosphere combines the swindomes with the AeroBioCon-DAMarine 9-Omnislands seaships Swindomes / omnispomestones / omnispodomes / omnispomes / omniweatherstoneships 8-OmniSpoBar / AutoBar Franchise foodrink goodrinks and wateRails - OmniSpoDelivery - 24 hour deliverestaurant 7-OmniSpoCar 6-BuckAid, OmniWater, OmniSpoSicles, nrg shots 5-AutoDent/OmniDent 4-OmniHeart Duo Radio Stations 3-OmniHeart Message Board, Chat Room, OmniTorium, omniponics, OmniPosium 2-Manifespo - my futuristic OSR autobiography and companion book to OmniTrilogy 1-OGEC Portable/Permanent Power/Party Station = h2oasis, OGEC module, Solar Mushroom, C-Stem, c-shiponics, OmniSponics, beachoice, hearthydrogeog 0. Save as many birds as possible with one Money Stone. OmniFunctional Formation. We are the OmniGeneration. Welcome to Omni's Age Welcome to OmniSEAGE Welcome to the Age of The OmniSEA Welcome to OmniSPOSEASAGE Five elements 1. we swim amidst the symphony of sunlight from OmniSpoSea's solar radiation 2. We live at the bottom of an atmospheric sea blessing us with large amounts of air flow 3. we live on top of the world ocean (the omniSea) on which we float/sail 4. the Sea of Earth's Gravity or Omni's Earth OmniSearth as a planetary sized sphere of stone and rock 5. we are each a tiny part of the BioSea - we are embedded in the present presence of biological web of life -quintessence / ether / dark energy Five Actions for the Phivelements Sowing the earth, pouring the seas, riding the wind, absorbing the sunlight, and symbiotically synergizing with life. OmniTropical Islands Twenty Rules for OTI: Respect yourself by respecting others. Notice the Little Things- Aware action builds great things. Master a diversity of mind and unity of spirit. Practice Makes Perfect. No Failure Just Feedback. Solar Philm on Everything- Catching photons piledriving Earth The Past is Dead, and Present is given to Create the future. We were born Naked and with unlimited potential. Competitive Cooperation/Unified Diversity/Beautiful Brawn Life is a Memory- Create, Seize Enjoy, and Learn from it World Without Strangers- each friend is formerly unknown Reality is what you create. You will be happy and successful if you decide to be. Anything is possible- The Sky is the Limit. Create light if you must curse the darkness. Focus and Attend on self-fulfilling success and abundance Hemp is world’s most versatile fiber A friend is a gift you give yourself. 20.A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. Purpose: OTI is a business. Accordingly, its number one purpose is efficiently producing wealth for all its members. My apologies to those who are disturbed by my bluntness. But America is THE capitalist society. Some say Money is the God of our civilization, and OTI are its prophets. I believe OTI has the Midas touch. I believe that from their enlightened action 1000 OSU graduates can create an abundance of physical assets and inspired spirit through OTI. Fulfilling our needs, desires, dreams, and lives. Owning tropical islands and other property. Establishing a quality brand for services, products, commodities. innovation and marketing beneficial world-changing technology. Unifying society through beautifully organized decentralized efficient secure renewable free enterprise natural capitalism. We should diversify our service and product line. designing, organizing, structuring, imaginating of our society from the bottom up, top down, and middle out- satisfying all our needs and desires and opening our imaginative antennas to God’s ultimate reality in their information and energy apparati aka their eyes-visual brain-information nucleus of processing, self awareness, meta thinking, processing and action, bones cartilage tendons skin- feeling of warmth pressure levels nerves arms legs nose ears tongue mouth lips earlobe hair toenails fingernails immunesystem circulatory system neural system digestive system muscular system endocrine system excretory system reproductive system energy regulation chemical regulation sodium regulation calcium regulation, step back and thank yourself for all those things you just skipped over, and didn’t try to really understand, but know in your heart that God is a great designer, whether God is just your path name for the Universe, or God is an omnipotent thunder and fiery god with quite a soft belly- who created the universe nearly SIX THOUSAND YEARS AGO FOLKS!!! Can you even imagine living for six thousand years, heart muscles stomach pancreas ball gladder olfactory bulb which is the oldest sense evolutionarily speaking- it bypasses the thalamus, which is the networking center between the different parts of the brain- so this is why a smell usually triggers immediately an past experience or image or feeling, without a delay, in other words, the perception of the smell comes along with the experience or image, because the smell pathway goes straight to the brain, so when you smell a rose it triggers a feeling simultaneously, because it hits the limbic system before being processed by the top-down attentive meta stream of conscious I self we all possess, and I think I lost the thread but lets include in this great list we have going, the god damn smelly liver, I mean ladies and gentlemen, I could sit here and tell you all day about the wonders of this organ, but I’d rather move on to We WILL Ally with any good entity, be it individual, government, corporation, university, robots, animals, trees, alien lifeforms, or gods- I’m a firm believer in a hefty bunch of competitive biological cooperation, as the mitochondria produce energy for the cell, effectively oxidizing glucose, which is hydrogen carbon and oxygen- a yummy bit I might add-, or business, partnership, political action committee, religion, or foundation. Cooperative Competition is important. The only entities with which OTI will not associate- those which harbor bad intentions towards benevolent beings. Those will be stamped out by our security offers immediately. We want: Truth, Money, Power, Property, Influence, Prosperity, Efficiency, Happiness Themes: Innovation, Efficiency, Simplicity, Happiness, Cooperation, Respect and Love, Quality and quantity, form and function, embracing, dynamic optimism, beauty, Alchemical, Revolutionizing Business, Sustainable, Renewable, BreakingAllTheRules, Anything anytime anywhere, Freely Donated Time, No WORK- just enthusiastic action, free enterprise Slogans: The Only Company You’ll Ever Need, 24/7 Quality Service, GRINT, SPOE, SPOLA, Eventual Product Lines: Rural power production, Rural Wifi production, Art- Music Groups, Art Showcase, Art Collaborations, Singing Quartet for Parties, Stripper, Call-girl/guy, Nationwide Meal Delivery- Pasta Palace, Ultimate News and OPED, Ultimate Reality Show, Freedom Efficiency Truth Message Board and Forum, Political/Social/Renewable Pyramid Social Energy Structures- with multi levels, floating aerogel power plants, transportnanobioinfocogno center for research, beautiful information, political unification under freedom and prosperity, social facebook locator, magazines, publishing company, house builder, GRINT pod designer, fashion line, house design, real estate, retailer, production warehouses cutting out middlemen, huge automatic organic hydroponic warehouses, virtual grocery store, convenient, gold/silver money online, OMNES, GRINT, Spomizer, STUDIO, SPOLES, SolaPhilm, Securelectricity Darts, Social pamphlets, Flash Mobs, farm Parties, Organic food producer and 24/7 retailer, OTI catalog containing simple self-organizing sustainable solar wind bacteria geothermal crank thermopiezochemoelectromechano housecylindrical skyscrapercity size, Biofuel producer, Hemp paper, hemp clothing, geothermal in winter, Endless Renewable Beach Parties, Offshore aerogel floating piers, tropical island paradises, Movie producers, popular culture dictators, Spolites, Spill (David Spoey’s Will) Protection Service, Shoes with MP3 Players, Hemp wall coverings, Spurifiers of air and water, Sustainable Survival Blankets, Free Online Virtual Education using Google, Wikipedia, government, universities, and corporations, solar studios, renewable concerts, Ultimate Reality Show, Future Will Be Engineered, Manifespo, Innovative, Integrated Lucidity Movement, Huge Rain Funnel 1000 meters above ground, for use in rainy areas like Hawaii or seattle, thousands of turbines in the tube generating energy by the water accelerated by gravity, Customizable All in One Bathroom Hanging Set or Transport case, automatically online reorders refills automatically from below sink from small easily installed tubes- detachable option, contains hand soap, mint wash/spray, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, any medicine, any makeup, floss, hand sanitizer, chapstick/vasoline, Comfortable Pens/Pencils, laser Keyboards- double sized different colors synced with physical party starter, OMNES, ICS- Integrated Comfort Shelter- 3rd world leapfrogging, IBD- health integration device-Healthy Integration connected UWB WiMAx to OMNES-Integrated Intelligence, ICS and GRINT- made from cars, pasta palace nationwide, news show, Spospeakers, tutoring help within OSU, though email, IM, and facebook, Shower Spiramid, Spomizer, OTI Aerogel Products List the Standard Starter Organism Categories in the Basic OmniSponics HygroSolAirSeaFarm Franchise Omni's Caretakers = Homo Sapiens Omni Sapiens - That's us! Algae Animals Arboreal Production Archaea & Bacteria Beans Berries Biological Commodities Cereal Grains Cod Compost Cultures Domes Elements Exudates Feedstocks (biological and inorganic) Fibers Fish Fractal Information Patterns Fungi Grains Ground Covers - grasses, clovers, cereal companions, dandelion Herbaceous Plants - Non-Trees - Perennial, Annual, Biennial, Semiannual Inoculant Insects - Butterflies, Bees, Wasps, Joeys Katies Legumes Livestock Minerals Mycelial Networks Nutrients Nuts Oils OmniOmnis Perch Pets & Petrified Wood Pollinater-Attractors Pollinators - Hummingbirds, Wasps Quill Pens and Question Plant Roots Seeds Shrubs - Topiary - hops, hemp, grapevines Spices Substrates - Perlite, Vermiculite, Coco Coir, H2O, Peat, Sphagnum, Succulents Syzygy Tilapia Trees for Timber / Lumber- Arboreta Ulloco / Ube / Ungulates Vines - grapevines, hops, hemp, Weeds - beneficial Woods Xylem / Xanthines / Xylose You Zygotes Overview of Categories - Beans, Cereal Grains, Fruits, Nuts, Berries, Peas, Rices, Grasses, Ground Covers, Trees, Shrubs Vines, Fungi, Cacti Omni Spo Go = Reality is what we achieve. Sources of Sustainable / Renewable / Non-Polluting Electric Power 1. Solar Power - 3D-Articulating Thermo-Photovoltaic Sterling Concentrated PV Receiver/Collector 2. Wind Power - Vertical Axis Helical high speed offshore / jet stream wind turbines 3. Water Power - Ocean Gravitational Energy Conversion 4. Earth Power = thermo-electric energy conversion ---> Geothermal Power 5. Bio Power - OmniSponics - ligno-cellulosic energy source from waste biomass feedstocks BioFuel + Hunergy + Wastergy Storage of Mega-Giga-Tera-Peta-Watt Power - Volumetric Head Conversion of OGEC, Hydrogen, BioFuels, Flywheel and Other Kinetic Storage Systems, Condensed Air, Biological BIOrganisms' Growth Thermal Molten Salt Storage, huge rechargeable Batteries, and Grid Balancing Source of Pure Water - OmniWater Generator - Portable and Permanent Meta-System Aero-Water Hydro-Pneumatic thermo-centrifugal Generating Meta-System Collecting from air vapor & Omni-Filtering lake-liquid or sea water & Purifying Fresh Ice Sources of Food produced through OmniSponic Meta-Systems Condensed / Distilled / Layman's One Page Overview of -->Mediterranean & SubTropical Climate & Indoor Temperate bioshelter greenhouse omnispome OmniSponics' Starter organisms for propagation of Heirloom varieties / varietals / cultivars / strains -->Product Characteristics - top quality vigor, taste, history, familiarity, nutrient profile, color profile, Omni-Veggies + Misc Plants/Herbs/Weeds Carrots, Potatoes, Peppers, Lettuces, Cabbages, Onions, Beets, Beans, Sugar Beets, Sweet Potatoes, Radishes, Yams, Taro, Cassava, Eggplant, Squash, Maize Wheat, Soybean, Tomato, SunFlowers, Hops, Hemp, Switchgrass, Piconi Olives, Chilis Eggplant, Alfalfa, Asparagus, Artichoke, Brussel Sprouts, FRUITrees - Apples, Berries, Cranberry, Oranges, Grapefruit, Limes, Bananas, Grapes, Plum, Pear, Peach, Papaya, Mango, Avocado, Figs, Black currants, Apricots, breadfruit, breadnut jackfruit, canistel, Tangerine, Mandarins, Nectarine, lemons, starfruit, passion fruit, eureka lemon, Alberta Peach, Valencia Orange, Walleroo, canteloupe, melon pomegranate, paw paw, Pineapple, Wampi, Kumquat, Dates, Jujube, Grumichama, PHIROOTrees - Cherries, Acai Berry, Raspberry, Blackberry, OmniBerry, Elderberry, Boysenberry, loganberry, watermelon, strawberry, coconuts, Persimmon, NUTrees - Coconut Walnuts, Almonds, Cashews, Peanuts, Chestnut, Hazelnuts Macadamian, Pine nuts, Pecans, Everything Else / Misc Organisms - Bamboo, Tilapia, Perch, Cod, mint, clovers, dandelion, basil, oregano, thyme, parsley, Cauliflower, Celery, Oats, Rice, Wild rice, millets, clementines, pomelo, uglifruit, orangelo, tangelo, citron, sugar cane, jute, flax, plantain, cotton, cocoa, coffee, kale, spinach, rutabaga, miracle fruit, gogi berries, blueberries, blackberries, cherry plum, prunes, turnips, pumpkins, grapefruit, gooseberry, Guava, Pomes, Rosehips, Blood Orange, Vanilla, Lotus, Gingko, mangosteen, dragonfruit, sour cherries, bayberry, allspice, tamarind, horseradish, cinnamon, clove, carambola, garlic, ginger, Nutmeg, Peas, Broccoli, Cruciferous vegetables, Gourd, spirulina, Carob, mesquite, Hickory, Oak, Cherry Tree, Inga, Fourth Sister, Rosemary, coriander, snowberry, Fungi - Shrooms- Oyster, Shittake, Morels, Shiitake, Lion's Manes, King Stropharia, Mycorrhizal Species, Shaggy Manes, Reishi, quinoa, stevia, Poplar, Cedar, copra, Rhubarb, Okra, Shallots, celery, agave, rye Zucchini, Cucumbers, Tea, Tobacco, coffeetree, jerboa mate, Wheatgrass, water lily, barley, leeks, millet tomatillo, paw pawn, banana pepper, medlars, elderflower, loquats, climbing akebia, cacao, cola nut, eggplants, baobab, Oca, Yacon, turnips, beetroot, aubergines, courgettes, gherkins, rapini, kale, Mustard Greens, Rocky Mountain bee plant - Cleome Serrulata - attracts pollinators, cornelian cherry, saskatoon, rubus leucodermis, Nothing to Voidless Combinations of Random turns to Chaos turns to Coordinated Fractals turns to Operating Systems turns to Information Patterns turns to Intelligent Design turns to Interacting Fields turns to Space and Time Turns to Location and Event Turns to What and When Turns to How and Why Turns to Power and Wisdom Turns to Continual Integration turns to OmniOrder the blade of chaos Quark:Proton:Atom:Molecule:Poly-mer:Gene:Organelle: Cell:Tissue:Organ:OS:Organism:YOU ARE HERE Family:Tribe:University: City:State:Country:Region:Continent:Species:GENUS: Family:Group:Phylum:Division:Kingdom:Life:Earth:Sol: MilkyWay:GG:SuperCluster:Universe:OmniVerse Integrid By Who Cosmotheology And Why Philosophy Logic Reason In Quantity Mathematics In Quantized Quality Physics In What Chemistry In How Biology With Whom Psychology How Sociology When Geology Phoo-needs Dru-wants 0mniFormation of My Omnology 1PHILOSOPHY/MATH = MetaPhysical Information 2Physics - Energy 3Chemistry - Material 4Biology - Life 4Psychology - Mind 5Sociology - Minds 6Ecology - Life Systems 7Geology - Earth 8Sology - Sun 9Milkology - Galaxy 10Astronomy – Universe 11CosmoTheology – OmniVersal Creation 12Anthropology/Ethology – OmniMan 13AutoBiography- UniMan 14History – Past Memories 15Semiotics – Present Meaning 16Futurology – Future Productions 5 éléments - Bio Sol Air Sea StoneSoilSearthShipStem Recurring Physical requirements of a human being - FooDruGoodscarpets - Druphusion -->list of physical things we require to survive) 0. OMNISTONESOURSEA - the universal being/entity/sender sustaining us all 1. BIO-SOLAR ENERGY - thermal/optical energy is required for life to flow unfrozen 2. BREATHING AIR - oxygen is required for aerobic organisms as ourselves 3. DRINKING WATER / AQUA / SEAU / SEA / Wetair / RAIN 4. DIGESTING SUGAR - glucose 5. SHELTER - protection from elements 6. SLOVE - Social love 7. SANITATION - waste management 8. SPORT - playing sports and performing exercise 9. MIND - mental attention allocation 10. SPIRIT - transcendental holistic unified immanent Meditation create your own omnispometa - flow Omni’s Age witnesses a Convergence of all inventions Convergence of all products Convergence of all ideas Convergence of all technologies Convergence of all intelligences Convergence of all entities Convergence of all humans Convergence of all networks Convergence of all G=Ds omni Syzygy Synergic synergic syzygy omnimoneyeswell omniMonicaSwell OmniGoodWords List OmniGoodWords List OmniGoodWords List - attend to/ Concentrate upon / focus on Present tense VERBS and past tense participles (adjectives) OmniGoodWords List OmniGoodWords List OmniGoodWords List charmingly charismatic characters <--- these three words catalyzed this list synergistically sound/well-grounded/well-founded/super/strengthen/ purposeful perseverance pinpointing potential paradises happy/positive/welcome/awesome/splendid/synergic/attractive/powerful/influential/popular/desirable/wanted/loved/respected trust care bliss imagination remember active perfecting evolved relation/erudite/well-spoken / motivate / appealing enlightened self-realized self-actualization sophisticated / captivate beautiful eunoia copper-bottomed ironclad pro bono monetize beneficial create value-creation important problem-solving thoughtful knowledgeable experience zest zing courage foresight capacity energy power efficiency effectiveness efficacy effortless visible tangible intangible spontaneity appreciated developed ergonomic well-engineered good vibrations motivated planned strategic wise insightful proactive achieve accomplish commissioning connected networked wealthy fabricate implement improve sacred essential fundamental elemental harmonious balance smooth pure clean fresh healthy enhance exceptional pre-eminent succeed perceive intuit Protect establish grow nourish meditate mediate moderate assemble re-arrange flow represent abundant plentiful amazing great wonderful stupendous made constructive novel original unique stable centered clear clarify refine classify inspirational unforgettable priceless scientific rational logically motivates sound reason well-seasoned unify diversifications simplify Sensical senses Feels endearing complete polishes organizes cultures innovates travels builds understandings Persistance Determination Authentic Honest Truthfulness fearlessness virtuous transcendent performants participants preserves sustains renews flawlessly well-researched well-designed unassailably well-written expert engineers profiting focused energized reserve Safe Secure Silent Tranquil Peaceful vibrant cosmopolitan interesting entertaining fulfilling guaranteed promising promise-keeping skill-sets well-fielded Selected top-shelf state of the art cutting edge techniques inter-connected Tasty crisp Natural Formulate configurations world-changing world-saving transformative Quality Qualify Maximizing Engagement momentary virally mentally contagious plenty panoply kaizen systemic integral lifesaver panacea purify produce harvest collected electric generation Maximinize magnetic conversions maximized Utility minimized maintenance inclusive access comfortable conveniently spacious conveyances holistic eco-friendly innovate concentrate back-up attend traction load-bearing automated iterated tested rigorous tough durable elite layering levels economizing hierarchical scales persuasive poetic concise conclusive evidentiary well-behave assistive primed manifestations integrated all-encompassing instantly precision accuracy precise accurate composure composed compose composes composing composers Current Ultra-modern chic luxurious rich wealthy demanded ground-shaking ground-breaking game-changing home run grand slam sporting intelligent athletic flexible elastic talented esoteric arcane exclusive VIP soothe calming balm warmth coolness charged structure reviewed re-edited mainstream exemplary receptive receivers driven donate contributions proper situated calibrated regulated overwhelming ethical remediated ameliorated inventive functional precious high-value resolving coalescence fortuitous brave fortunate lucky psychic reliability consistency factual envision rebuilt redone finished soulful shines fluid memorable enthusiasm orgasmic illustrative demonstrative showpiece crown jewel encrusted illustrious monitor central decentralizations permanent ready marketable feasible viable practical pragmatic guidance observant recycling head heartened lead alpha mentorship controlled communications cooperative collective exponentially accelerated channels featuring applications applied customizable personalizations limitless predictably proficient prompt house well-raised Specific Concrete Justify Actuator Yields useful foundations self-propelled nutriments relieved rested keen daft adept initiate intensely direct decisiveness cleverly electrified forceful mastering practiced experienced leverage accruement well-paid compensation incentivize spaceless stillness of silence depths tuned damped unstrained over-engineering redundancy remix helical spiral fiery geometrically symmetrical fractal patterns well-shaped well-fed manage architectural masterpiece alchemical mystical mysterious self-reflective seaworthy assure ensure insurance concerns considerable interests rewarding option excites movement differentiated distilled sifted complementary top-notch five star relaxations recreational neutralization interactive interfacing forestry farms gardening growing hydroponic herbs orchard fruitful translucent wherewithal complexification ubermind OmniDualTriCoMonFusion 1. Resonate Focused Conscious Awareness of Weather- Concentrated Energy Being 2. Breathe Pure and Clean Wet-Air - Aeration from Oxygen with OmNitrogen as the inert carrier 3. Drink Pure H2O Water - Universal Medium of Life 4. Eat Food - Wet-Earth omniscamelot Multi-functional, always open, always on, always available / accessible / deliverable, never closing, super quality super-local , hyper-local, ultra-local globally aware, locally active the omnisolairdomestubespomeseasquidstone generating copious amounts electricity, this electricity enables endless additional capabilities of the AquaSystems, such as purifying water from the seawater, producing all types of OmniFlora/OmniFauna aka growing every useful plant known to mankind in hermetically sealed and stacked vertical grow chambers, interdependent upon biosystems for raising every useful animal in eco-simulators (especially marine organisms). My plan is to save enough money and create the future! create sustainble/renewable/legitimate income streams by launching green energy OmniSpo Ventures in California/Caribbean/Hawaii. Fortune favors the bold. Simple gets sold. The New gets old. Time to get the funding to test out the first Sea-Spome on a friendly warm tropical lake or sea, without regular hurricanes consisting of an Hydro-Gro-Sol-Air SpoWindome onto of an OGEC Power Silo Products of SpoSea-Ships ==> Pure water a renewable / Clean source of energy production Sustainable electricity Hydrogen, various BioFuels, At first, SeaStems focus on growing in perennial permaculture with aquaponics aeroponics Every bio-product from the sessile one legged plant kingdom- Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Mushrooms, Herbs, Spices, Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Grasses, Fungi, Resins, Gums, Extracts, Liquors, Honey, algaculture, seaweed, ornamental Flowers, pharmaceutical and biochemical feedstocks, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, waxes, and oils in juices, jellys, jams, blends, mixes Eventually as SeaStems get bigger, they will respectively grow all useful animals Additional Benefits of Hydro-Pneumatic SpoSea --> Collect valuable metals and minerals from the Ocean filters pollutants and trash from airways and waterways-->Wastergy -all the OmniSpoSeaShip's plants Absorb CO2 from the air time to start finding funders to launch our spodea omnispoventures to create the Buck Aid, OmniWater, OmniSposicles, and OmniSpoCopperNickel Cupro OmniSeedShop - network with farmer's markets for vertical indoor gardening and super organic outdoor gardening Sell heirloom seeds and Preserved/Canned Produce in every city Find funders. Pitch venture capitalists over email, in person, through snail mail, video chat. Make a mission statement. Growing HydroSolAirBioSpomes of goodness, anywhere in the OmniSea. Harvest hydro-gravitational energy throughout the depths of the OmniSea -->with OGEC SeaStems / SeaSpomes including helical wind turbines and solar TPV -->Purifying Valuable Minerals from the ocean Collect solar energy from the total planetary insolation -at 10,000 meters ontop of giant WinDomes- Harvest aero-dynamic energy from 0-10,000+ meters aka sea-level to the jet-stream --> with giant WINDomes - built/maintained with a swarm of UAV build-bots -featuring high speed ram air turbines and super-durable helical turbines -Centrifuging/Generating/Condensing Atmospheric Water Reservoirs at 10,000 m -dropping through OGEC turbo-gen technology- filtered and purified by gravity -10,000 meter Pelton turbines with 4 - 8 nozzles - RainPower / CloudPower - Pumped Storage Power Stations Grow vertical OmniBioShelters in SeaStems / Windomes / SeaSpomes / SeaDomes with integrated ecosystems producing every bio-product known to man OmniSpoConsulting - Researching OmniFusion 8 sigma purity guaranteed - merging/converging/integrating every science and technology into an OmniSource OmniSea Business - aka realizing the already existent future license open source franchises of generating clean electricity/energy, pure food, and pure water, hydrogen, plants, insects, trees, fungi, fish, birds, flora/fauna/microbia, carbohydrates (sugars), biofuels bio-oils, succulents, fruits, vines, shrubs, perennials, ground covers, grasses, omni-algae, aquaponics, biodynamic, permaculture, vertical aeroponics, experiments with Audio stimulation, container geometry, golden ratio ultra-organic , ultra copper bottomed healthiness of heirloom vegetables -indoor and outdoor - solar (thermoPV) and (O)LEDs and Fluoros and HIDs and salts, fats, uber-organic free range natural meat from respected and beneficent livestock, start globalocalism --> omnishipping omnisposhipping produce everything on-site - decentralized omniproduction with 3D and soon 4D printers an alchemist strain investigating natural phenomena through the perennial philosophy permaculture + gardening + agriculture + farming + botany + plant biology + omnispomarketing the omni SPO Capi technological machine will become a smart liquid- an omni's entity surrounding and assisting human willpowers, an ever-evolving and improving omni-telligent environmental orchestration (consisting of the combined synergistic human cultural energies) dancing together with the powers of nature (theomnigod) ==> Simple equation ==> Us + OmniSearth = Our future we are all one anyway, we might as well cooperate as one as well, or else we can't create as much value i will save up enough to leave Columbus and start SpoSeaStemShips around the world in the warmest weathers and most optimal overall local environment Time to launch the first OmniSpoVenture, commercializing OmniSpoVentions, as the OmniSpoVentor. an omnidirectional antenna nondirectional  tuned to the broadcast frequencies assigned to television Stone, the most ancient information carrier, still has the best life expectancy. It lasts several thousands of years – but it is not in the most convenient archiving format. Transflash See also : Air Wells, Dew Ponds and Fog Fences: Methods to Condense Atmospheric Humidity Know, Will, Dare, and be Silent! --- Aleister Crowley Get excited. Get motivated. I am omnispoready to make it be, before all of our ideas are used up :) omniSTENT/omnispodome/omnispome/omnistone/omnistool/OmniSpole - has hygro-sol-air powered battery bank/flywheel/compressed air/pumped water/fuelcells/fossilfuel gensets/ -first free public charging station -first free public hygro-sol-air powered water fountain garden wet air weather air well hygrowell hygrosea Atmospheric solair mushroom h20asis and omnispotree mycotree seedomes HEARTREE WEATHERSTONES weather/hearth aka strawberry tree THEMPLES THCanvas and CBDomes solair mushroom h20asis and omnispotree mycotree seedomes HEARTREE WEATHERSTONES weather/hearth aka strawberry tree emotionally electric duels and you look up and realize you are in this huge bio-dome producing electricity for zero-waste production of food, fuel, fibers, pure water, clean air welcome to Omni's Age of Omni's Parks The world is simply ready for the OmniSpark of the covenant OmniSpoRevolving One it’s time now to realize that the ultimate spark of life is a Unified Field of love and soul consciousness, whose principle property is the urge to unite, which permeates the universe and also exists deepest within ourselves: Allen L Roland OmniSparks of Themples omnistalks Hey its Omni's PO omnisold omniscar! curating omniscroll \ omnistoned brainerve brainervation brainterface brainforest Omni's Swipe File SYNECTICS - the process of invention


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