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Who is The OmniSpo?

internet of Spo-Transportation - electro-magnets / self-driving cars smart shelters / domes / homes / castles / businesses / rooms / buildings / skyscrapers  FOOD FOREST Franchise - The SunRoom Corporate Chain of Franchises! -Solaroofs biological energy: all food crops/staples - community gardens / community supported agriculture -agriculture / permaculture / biodynamic gardens / greenhouse aeroponics / hydroponics - hemplastics / hemphibers / hempolymers  FOOD!! organics / veganics / grass-fed / natural / permaculture / edible gardens / polyculture local agriculture - polyculture - Worm castings (for integrated pest management) common and rare fruits and veggies and fungi and natural living products Examples: Coffee - Hemp - Flax - Oats - Granolas - Algae Cultivate the most valuable living organisms in humane eco-sea-stems eco-domes / spomes / biodomes / geo-domes / seadomes food forests / permaculture classes - sustainable real estate development WASSER - aqua…
Delivering the Omniʼs Good Rugs throughout our OmniCapiTogetherDome What is the dome? The dome dominates the economy. Its apex is 5 miles high. Its diameter is 20 miles. It is made of almost unbreakable carbon composites. It features billions of frictionless wind turbines to drive the silent, frictionless transport of the surrounding country.
As the OmniGiver of society, it takes wind and sunlight and produces clean whatair and perfectly cooked food. And it regenerates aesthetic shelter, unlimited electricity to power all social transport, pure water, and every sort of Earthly animal plant fungi and beneficial microbe. It combines every beneficial technology, process, and business. It is the place where the artificial intelligence will automatically regulate everything atomatically.
Where is this OmniDome? There are twenty of them that sprung up around the globe.
As fast as we can spend, the OmniDome obliges. Letʼs help Omni play with herself. 'The power of imagination makes us i…